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Reporting My running for today

Today, 30th January 2021, I ran inside UTM. This is the only place where I can run peacefully without any disturbance or threat from stray dogs.

I tried running with the Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF). Alhamdulillah, that evening was my 2nd success in doing this training. I can run within my Aerobic zone. Amazing!

But for sure, my run’s pace is too slow compared to what I have had achieved. But nevermind on that..InsyaAllah,….run slower to run faster!

It will take time… a very long time to develop the basic. Once the basic gain strength, it is easy for me to accelerate the pace (according to what I have read ).

So, for the record. My average heartbeat was 144 bpm..maximum was 152 bpm! The pace was slow..it was 9 minutes plus. The range of my run is around 9km++.