Alhamdullillah, Future Ready Educator Engineering of School of Civil Engineering (SCE FREE) managed to organized another learning and teaching colloquium. A colloquium entitled “Sharing Experiences: Conducting Cooperative Learning(CL) in Classroom” had successful been conducted on 27 November 2019 at Computer Laboratory 1, D02,School of Civil Engineering, UTM.  About 25 participants among young and senior lecturers attended this colloquium.

Colloquium starts with opening session by Dr. Siti Norafida Jusoh and followed with presentation by Dr. Azmahani Abdul Aziz on “What is Coorperative Learning(CL)?”.  Dr. Azmahani has given insight what the difference between cooperative learning with normal class activity. She also explained component that involves during the CL activity.

Slide on “What is CL?”Dr Azmahani deliver her presentation

Next, Dr. Muzaffar Zainal Abideen and Dr. Siti Norafida present a jigsaw and gallery walk activity conducted in their classes. Dr. Muzaffar shares the rubrics that he developed for assessment and video on his conducted activities with perdana and SPACE students.  While, Dr. Siti Norafida addressed on 5 formulas to conduct cooperative learning in her class. She named the activity as “Zero to Hero”.  She also shares the feedback from students via e-learning and how to manage class during activities.

Last but not least, Dr Hadijah Jaffri presents “Round Round Robin” that she adopted in her class in the Faculty of Education. Dr. Hadijah shows an example of questions and how to conduct the activity. Her sharing enrich the knowledge of cooperative learning that we learn previously.

Alhamdulillah, thank you for all cooperative sub-group leader, Mr. Baharin Mesir, Dr. Nor Elyza Hussein, Tuan Haji Che Ros Ismail and not to forget SGL Active Learning; Ir Dr. Sitti Asmah for support and encouragement (and to be there, really appreciate it!). Without teammates, it is impossible for this colloquium to success.

And just to note, within only a month after the colloquium, a few of lecturers already start to implement the cooperative learning in their classes, to name a few, Dr.Erwan Hafizi and Dr. Mariana Aida, (and not forget, Dr. Haryati also have used during her SPACE KL class), as our intention is to share and to help to enhance learning and teaching method, hope this colloquium (small deeds) accepted by Allah and may all get benefit from this sharing.

See you again in next L&T SCE colloquium!

Tq kakak2 and adik2 datang support! Moga dapat rasa kebahagiaan buat active/cooperative learning in your classes.. hehe.