Type of Teaching & Learning Activities (TLA)

Different methods for Active Learning:

  1. Group Discussion
    1. Jigsaw group
      – split the students into 3 groups
      – then give one task for each.
      – Each group will discuss the task and become expert of that task (30
      he members of each group will become an expert for each task. 
      – The member can go to other group and teach their expertise.
      – Benefit: teach each other (remember well, develop communication skills)
  2. Peer thinking
  3. Sticky/loose note – at the end of the class – let them point me – what they don’t understand. -à then next class – terangkan balik konsep yang diorang tak faham à masukkan dalam forum elearning
  4. Forum – discussion
    let the students upload points (make sure bagi deadline) – engage dgn students – know how they respond
  • markah forum ini saya akan ambil kira apabila anda berada di atas pagar.
  • Bagi hadiah untuk setiap ‘forum congeniality’
  • You want marks – then produce evidence/do something.
  • Print forum – as an evidence to bagi hadiah or atas pagar for better grades.

Among other active learning strategies
1. Think-pair-share
2. Brainstorming
3. Execute activities using eLearning – next semester we can backup, copy and restore – then please do CQI for improvement.
4. Blank space at powerpoint – Von Risgoff Impact
5. Note check
6. Q&A
7. Two minutes paper – assessment.
8. One Minute paper – summarize the lesson today.

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