eLearning: How to embed active learning tools into eLearning?

Today, I learn a few digital application for eLearning extension. Some are good and easy to use.

  1. tes teach blend lesson – simple and what I like the most is the overview tes can gave us. You can search the content, drag drop and organize your content within one page. Wow! impressive – so me.
  2. Canvas – Azizul Azizan said this is more complicated but the comprehensive one.
  3. edmodo – being use by Dr Hafiza Abas, ask her if you want to learn more about it.
  4. padlets – ok this one has been introduced by PM Dr Norzairah in the early semester. Simple and suit me too – you can see everything within one view.

Find more Active Learning using Interactive Tools here https://people.utm.my/suraya/2017/07/24/116/

The most interesting part is – all of the application above can be embedded into UTM’s eLearning and counted as your CL1 (at least 7 learning sources). Using add URL – Make sure to tick and change the settings appearance from automatic to embed. The example is like the picture below:

Powerful Presentation

Handling students copies of your presentation – (e.g power point slides – hardcopy or elearning)

  • Before the class – they will be well prepared before the class and this can improve student learning, opportunities for active learning.
  • After the class – students underutilized the notes, they don’t pay attention during the class, refused to attend the class, fail to develop good note taking skills.”many students and teachers believe that writing down new information in their own fashion helps them learn”
    (Carrier et al, 1988).
  • Make up and organize your powerpoint.

 1. Prepare opening questions – please come out with positive and negative answer.

Reflect and relate this question with the topic we want to teach. And also relate with the

previous lesson.

2. Clarify the lesson’s objectives.

3. Ask students to think for 2 minutes

4. Ask students to stretch their body

5. Rearrange their positions from one position to others

6. Do active learning presentation

7. Pause every 12-15 minuters – what we should do?

Type of Teaching & Learning Activities (TLA)

Different methods for Active Learning:

  1. Group Discussion
    1. Jigsaw group
      – split the students into 3 groups
      – then give one task for each.
      – Each group will discuss the task and become expert of that task (30
      he members of each group will become an expert for each task. 
      – The member can go to other group and teach their expertise.
      – Benefit: teach each other (remember well, develop communication skills)
  2. Peer thinking
  3. Sticky/loose note – at the end of the class – let them point me – what they don’t understand. -à then next class – terangkan balik konsep yang diorang tak faham à masukkan dalam forum elearning
  4. Forum – discussion
    let the students upload points (make sure bagi deadline) – engage dgn students – know how they respond
  • markah forum ini saya akan ambil kira apabila anda berada di atas pagar.
  • Bagi hadiah untuk setiap ‘forum congeniality’
  • You want marks – then produce evidence/do something.
  • Print forum – as an evidence to bagi hadiah or atas pagar for better grades.

Among other active learning strategies
1. Think-pair-share
2. Brainstorming
3. Execute activities using eLearning – next semester we can backup, copy and restore – then please do CQI for improvement.
4. Blank space at powerpoint – Von Risgoff Impact
5. Note check
6. Q&A
7. Two minutes paper – assessment.
8. One Minute paper – summarize the lesson today.