Powerful Presentation

Handling students copies of your presentation – (e.g power point slides – hardcopy or elearning)

  • Before the class – they will be well prepared before the class and this can improve student learning, opportunities for active learning.
  • After the class – students underutilized the notes, they don’t pay attention during the class, refused to attend the class, fail to develop good note taking skills.”many students and teachers believe that writing down new information in their own fashion helps them learn”
    (Carrier et al, 1988).
  • Make up and organize your powerpoint.

 1. Prepare opening questions – please come out with positive and negative answer.

Reflect and relate this question with the topic we want to teach. And also relate with the

previous lesson.

2. Clarify the lesson’s objectives.

3. Ask students to think for 2 minutes

4. Ask students to stretch their body

5. Rearrange their positions from one position to others

6. Do active learning presentation

7. Pause every 12-15 minuters – what we should do?