Winnable Research Proposals

Problem Statement

  1. Settings only one or two sentences
  2. Straight to Problem Statement
  3. LR must be current (5 years)
  4. in line with government policy, national agenda and global aspiration (can help allecviate problem at local, national, or world level). Cite them.

Objectives (SMART)

  1. Specific, measurable (open ended), achievable (within group capacity), realistic within time frame (three years – 2 years?)
  2. PS -> RQ -> RO (knowledge to get from certain field)
  3. SMART – determine,  identify, derive, show, establish. NOT smart – investigate, study, explore, observe (ok in goals, purpose not in the objectives).
  4. Related to Problem statement
  5. Not neccessarily tally with methodology

Ensure to tally between research question, objectives, methodology and conclusions


  1. Clear and detailed description
  2. Divide into a number of steps/tasks/phases clearly. means, not only bullet point – describe in the sentences.
  3. Explain each step/tasks clearly
  4. Explain the methods and tools/equipments to be used – not to be related to budgeting
  5. Show clear flow chart and gantt chart
  6. Put milestones every half year.


  1. Human Capital
  2. Matching geran from wherever – external grant. Within the grant – get and sustain the grant from external.
  3. 1 publication for each RM 20K.

Track Record and Composition of team – get senior staff with good track record to be part of the team

  1. Evidence of previous successful research projects
  2. Qualification and rack of researchers
  3. Well balanced team

Quality of proposal

  1. Meticulous
  2. Proper use of language (grammar, spelling, sentence construction)
  3. Good formatting and presentation.


  1. Be reasonable, do not inflate
  2. Follow ceilings in guidelines
  3. Show how you derive the figures e.g. the tavelling local 3 x RM500, comsumables
  4. For equipment (v350000) and large single items in other votes, attach quotation equipment
  5. Services
  • V11000 – upah dan elaun (GUP can pay local student, MOHE cannot pay RO/RA – only student)
  • V21000 = Perjalanan
  • V24000 – Sewaaan
  • V27000 – bahan penyelidikan

Industry/goverment agencies support

  1. In GUP compulsory but in MOHE not compulsory but highly recommended.
  2. Two levels: non-committed, cash or in-kind


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