Current Projects




This is our very own UTM’s first home-grown 3D holographic telepresence technology. Our ‘Holo Professor’ is not a pre-recorded video but a real-time and live speech.

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D.I.A.N.A stands for Digital Security and Social Intelligent Assistant. She is a virtual female human-like avatar with our local Malaysian identity appearance. Furthermore, she can promote our unique Malaysian culture and have the potential to become our digital ambassador. >> Media Berita Harian read more..

XR Menu for Restaurant

Augmented menus can also lower the need to speak to a waiter physically, as plenty of information that would usually be beyond the scope of a physical menu can easily be included in an AR experience. Integrate this into a mobile ordering app and you can reduce the need for customer-to-waiter contact even further.



Classroom of the Future (VR)

Virtual reality (VR) is relevant to be adopted into classroom 4.0 to support Malaysia higher education agenda, towards redesigning higher education.  This project is seen as a successful cross-discipline collaboration between Faculty of Chemical and Energy Engineering and Faculty of ComputingMaGICX plays an important role as a key driver for the Digital Media Industry and Gamification Technology.

Ancient Malacca Walk-through (VR)

While it may be a little way until we bring our VR projects in the classroom or projecting virtual reality of Ancient Malacca in the heritage hall, museum and our library for example, there is still something exciting about examining VR technology and seeing the potential positive impact it could have on learning.

Real Hand Gesture in AR

Gaze interaction in a context sensing to view information over time. Users to create their own information for places or contents, catalogue menu and interact with the physical world in ways not experienced before. Mobile Augmented Reality User Interfaces using real hands instead touch screen. Contribution: allows user to interact with virtual 3D models in the work area using interaction metaphors in mobile environment

Autonomous Agents Using AR

Character Animation Using Augmented Reality Technique for Autonomous Agents, Embodied autonomous agents – use of animated characters in augmented reality applications

AR Games

A vision capability enables the immersion and interactivity in mobile augmented reality to improve gaming experiences by enabling game physics to apply to real world surfaces and objects for AR environments

AR Book

Brings existing physical copies of books to life using AR. A texturing process that applies the captured texture from a 2-D colored drawing to both the visible and occluded regions of a 3-D character in real time.

3D User Interaction / Hand gestures

3D hand interface provides users a seamless interaction in AR environments using real hands as an interaction tool. There is no need to have physical markers or devices for interaction. User Interaction in Augmented Reality for Virtual Object Manipulation (Gesture/Speech/Touch/Glove)

Mixed Reality (MR) – Holotown Iskandar Malaysia Development Region