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Unreal Game Engine Guide | Download
UE4 Getting Started Tutorial | Download
Proposal Guide : Download
Evaluation Form | View
Programming Technique 2  | Chapter Class & Object | Chapter More about Class | Chapter Inherintance & Polymorphism
Introduction to UML (Unified Modeling Language) | Download
Skill-based Test II (SCJ1023)  5 MAY 2016 MPK8 | Download
Skill-based Test III (SCJ1023) 18 MAY 2016 MPK8 | Download


B1. Marschner & Shirley,

Fundamentals of Computer Graphics (3rd edition) 

B2. Gortler,

Foundations of 3D Computer Graphics.

Other graphics courses

  1. Computer graphics by Wojciech Jarosz, Dartmouth College.
  2. Introduction to computer graphics by Steve Marschner, Cornell University.
  3. Interactive computer graphics by Steve Marschner, Cornell University.
  4. Computer graphics by Wojciech Matusik and Fredo Durand, MIT Open Courseware (slightly older – 2012).
  5. Lecture notes from Stanford’s past offering of CS164. Click on ‘Lecture Notes’ in the left pane. Highly recommended.

Miscellaneous links

  1. SIGGRAPH (and other graphics) papers over the past few years.
  2. WebGL Tutorials: 2 3.

Interactive resources

  1. WebGL Tutorials: Bezier curves.
  2. WebGL Tutorials: Hermite curves.

Augmented Reality Game

All materials Super Mario sounds included, hitting question boxes with coins, walking and jumping around.

Download # Newest version of Unity3D 32bit is available from here
Download # Download and Import Vuforia Extension for Unity3D v5.0.10 (*.unitypackage file)
Unity3D extension is also available to download from here (there might be even a newer version)
Download # Print Euforia of Beauty Logo for Scene Augmentation and Create the Tracker (*.jpg file)
Download # You Can Use Already Created Tracker Based on Euforia of Beauty Logo (*.unitypackage file)
Download # Archived App Content (3D Models, C# Codes, Sounds etc.) (*.rar file)
Download  # More model Super Mario here
Download # Download Whole Augmented Reality Super Mario Tutorial Project Files (the result to test it) (*.rar file)