Undergraduate PSM Projects


  • Holographic Projections for Virtual Heritage | Poster
  • Augmented Reality Collaborative Space | Poster
  • Object Manipulation using Real Hand Gesture for 3D Modeling Editor | Poster
  • Augmented Reality Modeling Tool using Gesture and Speech Input for Building Blocks | Poster


  • ARToy : Real Object Tracking with Speech-Enabled for Augmented Reality | Poster |
  • AR Home Deco : Virtual Object Manipulation in Augmented Reality Environment | Video | Poster
  • AR Coloring Book : Real-time texturing of Augmented Reality Characters | Video | Poster
  • AR Popup-book : Natural Hand Gesture using Leap Motion for AR | Poster | Video
  • Hand-Gesture Interaction with Oculus for Augmented Reality | Video | Poster
  • Character Animation Using Augmented Reality Technique for Autonomous Agents
  • Fingertip-based Manipulation Method in Handheld Augmented Reality Environment | Poster | Video


  • Multimodal Interaction using Gesture and Speech Input in Augmented Reality
  • Real Object Tracking Technique in Augmented Reality
  • Natural Hand Gesture Augmented Reality
  • Hand Gesture Recognition Technique for Object Manipulation in Augmented Reality


  • Urban Planning in Augmented Reality
  • Multi-user Collaboration for User Interaction in Augmented Reality
  • Collaborative Interface for Augmented Reality


  • 3D Scene Management in Virtual Environment for Driving Simulator
  • Fast Frustum Culling Technique for Scene Management in VR
  • Fast Octree Subdivision Technique for Virtual Environment
  • Collision Detection for real-time NPC in console game XBOX360.