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Apply for your Ph.D. and Master in Augmented Reality | Extended Reality | Metaverse UTM Malaysia!

Augmented/Virtual TechnologiesMixed Reality EnvironmentComputer Graphics, Game Programming, Visibility Algorithm, Atmospheric Modelling & Rendering, Real-time Rendering, Games Programming, Image Processing

  • Spatial and collaborative AR interfaces for small wearable computers/Mobile. These interfaces address the idea of what is possible when you merge ubiquitous computing and communications on the body.
  • AR Interaction Shared Space – An interface that demonstrates how augmented reality, the overlaying of virtual objects in the real world, can radically enhance face-face and remote collaboration.
  • Multimodal Interaction – Combining natural language and artificial intelligence techniques to allow human-computer interaction with an intuitive mix of voice, gesture, speech, gaze, and body motion.

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