Computer Graphics Multimedia Association (CGMA)

Computer Graphics Multimedia Association (CGMA) was founded in 2007, it was derived from SCSV curriculum, Bachelor of Computer Science (Graphics and Multimedia Software) also denoted by program code; SCSV. SCSV is derived as a new version of GMM one’s true curriculum structural which has been established since 1995. In 2007, CGMA was monitored by GMM former senior lecturer, Dr. Abdullah Bin Bade. Turning GMM students into an association was his proposal to the department. Team up with Dr. Ajune Wanis Ismail who responsible to run the department task force Programming Clinic (currently known as Programming Expert (PE)). The PE activity is a core activity that run throughout CGMA until today.

Along with UTM re-branding year, aim to support UTM new vision and missions, CGMA has been approved by UTM in 2008/09. Thereafter CGMA has been approved by UTM (HEMA), Dr. Abdullah has returned to Sabah.  CGMA has been resumed by Dr. Ajune. She has made major chances in CGMA, she removed the barriers in SCSV students and restored CGMA committee members with high conflicts resolution skills to lead CGMA. It was a first and last struggling period for CGMA been in a deep and disturbing decline. Today, CGMA is in a very outstanding position and becomes a distinguished association in UTM. CGMA keeps continuing their templates, traditions to the students development in UTM to sustain CGMA with UTM graduate attributes – ethics and integrity. They are being forced to be inline with different stages of discipline plan, they continue to be knowledgeable and competent at the same time. They graduate with strong attitude, traits and transferable skills. They preserved their dignified manner throughout industries/partners. CGMA has been run over a decade and it was in a very isolated atmosphere but so well-established and conceivable. CGMA aims to create more pioneers and more engineers, it requires strong spirit to preserve their traditions and values for future generations. Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.

With UTM funds and supports, CGMA has grown up incredibly insane and be known at the national and international levels. It was recently attached to MaGIC-X (UTM-IRDA Media and Game Innovation Centre of Excellence). MaGIC-X has been founded in 2013 by one of SCSV professor who also a former head of GMM department, Prof Dr. Mohd Shahrizal Bin Sunar. He drives CGMA to be more mature towards creating the corporate identity and feeds the commercial values in CGMA, particularly in final projects and assessment. Today, CGMA on leading to the top ranking, scoring the highest number of students graduate with first class honors, and did hit the maximum volume percentage of students get hired. Former members had been hired and served the local and international companies. Since the advanced technologies in computer graphics just started in Malaysia, CGMA had earned a trust to fulfill the demands for computer graphics engineers in Malaysia.

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