History Computer Graphics and Multimedia

The Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia was established in 1995 as part of the UTM’s effort in positioning the Faculty of Computer Science and Information System as the leading institution for learning computer science. We are the pioneer in computer graphics and multimedia education in Malaysia’s public university and have been offering this unique program continuously since our establishment. Our department offers a degree of computer science in graphics and multimedia (Bachelor of Computer Science (Graphics and Multimedia Software).

Currently, our student body comprises of 208 undergraduates and 32 postgraduates. The departmental staffs consist of 2 Professor, 1 Associate Professors, 4 senior lecturers and 18 lecturers. With a very low students to staff ratio, we hope that the students will enjoy an environment where they can develop and apply their abilities in learning and research undertaking. Staff student ratio is 1:8 for undergraduate.

The essence of computer graphics is the visual synthesis of real and imaginary objects which are indistinguishable. The ubiquity of computer graphics in everyday life cannot be denied anymore. It provides the enabling technology for a wide range of applications in the sciences, engineering, arts, and entertainment.

Our department is committed in teaching, developing and preparing students to be the best practitioners in the area of computer graphics and computer games development. By having diverse resources in terms of expertise, staffs and students, our department will emerge as the premier learning institution in Malaysia.