RTCG 2023

Real-time Computer Graphics 2023

This course will design and develop real-time computer graphics application for virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) environment and students are expected to equip themselves with adequate programming skills. Interactive development such as fast polygon rendering algorithm with level-of detail, scene management, dynamic camera manipulation, real-time shading and rendering and physical simulation will be covered and integrated in the application.

These following lectures, lab activities and assessments will be fulfilled to actualize the learning outcomes:

Course Outline | L1 Download

Exercise 1 : Prototyping with Mixamo game engine

Submit your result in a form of 3 min video presentation. This is an individual submission to my email ajunewanis@ymail.com (alert ymail not gmail) and your email’s subject [RTCG – Exercise 1]. Youtube link is not allowed. Mixamo – an online library with hundreds of humanoid animations and a tool to automatically rig human characters. Owned by Adobe, but still free to use: www.mixamo.com

Exercise 2 : AR application with Mixamo

Based on the result you found from exercise 1, you need to build AR to display your mixamo character. Submit your video less than 3 min, to present your outcome. This is an individual submission to my email ajunewanis@ymail.com (alert ymail not gmail) and your email’s subject [RTCG – Exercise 2]. Youtube link is not allowed.

Individual – 3D object tracking using vuforia

Applying 3D object tracking using vuforia
Demonstrate speech input to interact with the object
Individual assignment (since you have already produce object tracking output during your training)
Delivering – less than 3 minutes video
Guides : Ref 1, Ref 2