Final Week of The Semester

Take a deep breath and exhale loudly—it’s a wrap!

After 15 weeks of lectures, we have concluded our learning journey. If you ask about my teaching philosophy, I would say, “I teach to inspire my students and, at the same time, to be inspired by them.” Embracing the digital generation, I have learned about various technological tools from them.

Yes, they belong to the digital generation as almost all of them bring a tablet to class.

During my time as a student, it was all about big screens, hefty CPUs, and a persistent memory of the word “motherboard” as it always seemed to be broken. I also remember using diskettes and CDs.

Reflecting on the semester, we have had engaging discussions, lively interactions, and enthusiastic presentations. Sometimes I treated them to meals and brought visiting professors to my lectures. Despite my old-school background, they have opened my mind to new technologies.

To my beloved students, the knowledge we have gained is meant for practical application, not just grades. I appreciate our time together, and I hope you have gleaned something valuable from my lectures. Know that I have learned a lot from each of you. Thanks for everything!

The picture depicts how we blended old-school style with technology. I asked them to create a mind map to summarise what they learned throughout the semester. Afterwards, they were required to share their sketch on Padlet.

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