Arab Street Re-Visit

My sis invited me to join her for a Spore outing on a Thursday morning, and I thought I’d like to revisit Arab Street. The last time I was there was 20 years ago, and Arab Street has changed tremendously. There wasn’t any old old stores left….but there were heaps of happenings around the area with Mediterranean and Arabic cuisine. I didn’t shop much but bought 1 piece of Japanese cotton, 1 piece of French viscose and 1 piece of French voile, and 2 linen blouses. We stopped over at Zam Zam restaurant after asking around for its location. When I was young, my parents used to take us there for ‘buka puasa’. We would do our Raya shopping around Arab Street area, then booked a corner at Zam Zam. Then dad would order carbonated drinks in glass bottles for each for us and beef murtabak for ‘buka puasa’. Today, the murtabak from Zam Zam restaurant wasn’t much to our liking as it was quite dry this time, but I guess it was a lot healthier as it uses olive oil…..Okay, pics of my Arab Street ventures for you my readers.