Weight Lifters are sexy





Cardio my favourite kind of exercise

High Intense Exercise works for me. I shared with my readers here some of the 20 minutes my group did at Hutan Bandar Mutiara Rini. Seriously, if you want to burn off that fat, try this!




Johor Merdeka Run

I missed my FIRE session on Merdeka since I had signed up for Johor Run event. Initially there were only 3 of us but my son, Nazmi came back to spend the merdeka weekend at home. So thats 4 of us. I am still trying to persuade my other half to join running events. The distance was just below 4km but it was a good start after the long Ramadhan break.


Run for Palestine 2015

Done my first ‪#‎run‬ ‪#‎runforpalestine2015‬ ‪#‎runforpalestine‬ with my boys and fitness group
Still more to improve10925509_10153249597776675_802335105730095905_o



Sukan Muafakat Johor

#sukanmuafakatjohor #runforfun #7kmrun #1hour #moretoimprove @ kulai indahpura sport city ,#201thplace #nomedal #medalforfirst200th #modebushed11401197_10153308504871675_3872312127178291244_nplus

Working with the kettlebell

I had ICE session last week but experienced a hard pain on my back as soon as the ICE was over. The leg raise workout on the hard concrete triggered the pain I had many years back due to a hard fall on my back. The pain was sharp..I had to take leave from work, got Ceragem infrared treatment and took a jap from my doctor to ease me of the pain. My PT forbade me from any FIRE and ICE sessions until I fully recover. This has been my 3rd day but I am still getting that pain buzz on my back.11870642_1626804174271977_5524890783407260718_n

Deadlift Today!

I did a full body workout during my FIRE sesh today, one of which was the deadlift. Way to go girl!