If I can write you a poem…..

If I can write you a poem

I would like to say how much I miss you….

But I am not a poet, nor I am a writer…

I keep the memories I have of you

in my thoughts and in my prayers

You are gone, but you are never forgotten

I’ll always remember that special smile

I’ll always remember you because

There’ll never be another one to replace you in my heart

my crunchy oats cookies

A holiday home in Lake Tekapo

In winter 2010, the 3 families decided to book a winter holiday in Lake Tekapo. Rina’s, Ann’s and my families book a flight from Auckland to Christchurch via Jetstar. I remember paying only NZD300 for my family for a return trip. That would total up to RM750 for the 5 of us. Cheap as? 
Right after touching down at Christchurch International Airport, we headed straight to Carleton (errk, have I got the name correct???) to do some grocery shopping. We collected our minibus which we rented and headed straight to Lake Tekapo where we would be putting up for 2 nights. I was in charge of house hunting and vehicle hunting. Relieved that the house I chose was “extra spacious” for these 3 families to share. I’m sharing with you the view of this house we rented for our winter holidays.

Some other holiday houses

The entrance to our holiday home

Nice area, right?

Zul, posing for me. With the holiday home at the background and the mini bus enough for the 12 of us

The dining area

Along’s & Anga’s (my kids) room

Living are

The area outside

After…see all the food we brought

My hubby & I rested in this room- on the ground level

Passage to the top

Kasi can sama Saiful & Rina

A lovely Bach home @ Christchurch

We went for a holiday in Christchurh and rented a 3 bedroom holiday home. Interestingly, the owner of the lovely home has converted the garage into another big bedroom enough for a family of 5. 
Let’s take a peek at what the home offered us.


My son Nazmi has 6 more papers to sit for….i feel sorry for him…Agama on Monday, Add Math on Tuesday, Physics on Wednesday, Chemistry the week after, Engineering Drawing & Engineering Drawing in December. I pray for his success.

What a day to start my MONDAY!

Got up Monday morning to find my kitchen floor full of maggots. Opps, we had satay leftovers on Saturday night. Before we left for our ‘kampung’ that very same night, I have forgotten to put the rubbish bin outside. I had to spend my morning spraying the kitchen floor with anti-pest before sweeping the area, and finally mopping it down with some floor cleaner. By the time I was done with kitchen cleaning, I was sweating profusely. Haiissh…got to rush to uni now for a briefing with the VC before I could prepare for my next lesson.

The Final Touch

We bought this house in 1999 but rented it out. When our economy was stable, I proposed that we buy a bigger house in a gated area, but hubby did not like the idea. With 100% UTM students staying in the campus area, it would be difficult to find tenants so he suggested that we live in this house. Before moving in, I decided to re-do the whole house and spent almost 100k in renovation works. That was 2006. After the house was finally done, we made a decision to leave the country for my PhD studies, so we left our home. We only stayed for about 4months in this very house before leaving Msia.
We left the porch untouched and decided to re-do our porch after we returned from New Zealand for good. When hubby and the kids returned in April 2011, we wanted to do some saving before completing with this renovation. But our porch was such an eyesore (for me) that I told hubby I wanted to get it done after Syawal. Our initial plan was to spend around 10k-12k, but upon completion, we realized that we have overspent….opps 🙁
All completed now, but I have not added in any water feature yet, no garden furniture yet….We have to wait for a little while, I think….

This is the original porch. We took down all the original stone pillars and changed into new ones. At this stage, I wasn’t sure what Din was going to do.

Hubby and I went to kangkar pulai to get the bali stones.

When I left for NZ, this was ready.

I was in NZ when Din and his men did the tiling. Design of the tiling was my idea.

I told hubby I wanted this wood work. I had to add another RM2k for this.

Almost done, with lighting effects

Choice for the wall lights…we bought 4 of this.

Hubby’s idea to cover the ceiling with woodwork. Because it was his idea, I didn’t have a clue how much it cost.

Hubby’s idea for these lights on the stone pillars
This fan is from our Bilik Solat which we moved to the car porch.

Floor work made of Shanghai pebbles

The gate…my idea for Bunga Padi, since it was a rare design here in JB

View of the porch during the day

View of the porch at night

ma passion dans tout je fais: Welcome Home Ruby

ma passion dans tout je fais: Welcome Home Ruby: “We imported a second hand car into Malaysia recently and I felt that the waiting and the process of giving it a Msian ‘birth certificate’ to…”

Welcome Home Ruby

We imported a second hand car into Malaysia recently and I felt that the waiting and the process of giving it a Msian “birth certificate” to be rather tiring. Not to mention, the amount you have to fork out from your savings. Thank god, we have our savings which have already depreciated as a result of this.

Let’s see, when importing a car, you need to find an agent from where you resided. I contacted Dean’s Freight who charged me NZD3k for a container to be shipped from Auckland to PTP. Before your vehicle and personal effects reached the port, you need to find a local agent who will liase all documentations and other work related things. I paid Nasir, the local agent RM2700. Different agent will actually charge you differently. In my case, what I paid include the cost of storing my personal items in the warehouse, parking fee for 6 weeks, transportation charges from PTP to my kampung, labour fee etc etc etc.
My personal items were sent to my kampung a few days after they landed here. Nasir preferred that I declared my electrical goods at the Suruhajaya something. I just signed the form and Nasir did the rest of the work.
Off to MITI in KL I went to apply for an AP. You have to fill up the JK69 form which you can purchase from the counter for 60 cents or you can get it from a local Indian shop for RM1 somewhere in Block 8 (Have to double check…I have short term memory) Please fill up the form very accurately…there shouldn’t be any error. In my case, we filled up the form 4 times!
Wait for MITI to call you. In some cases, they might want to interview you! In my case, I told them “nothing but the truth!”, so in 20 days, my AP was granted. Off to KL again, collect the signed AP and off to Menara Kastam in Larkin to get a quote for the tax.
They quoted me RM23k over. It took 2 weeks for them to answer to my appeal. It was such a disappointment and such a long wait….My appeal to the Director was rejected as according to them, that was the exact tax. I did learn some calculations from them and I’m happy to share it with my readers. After making a bank draft of the tax, off we went to PTP customs. Nasir handled from here. They made some checks on the chasis and engine number, once the cheque was accepted, they updated the system.
Off to Puspakom for an inspection. Puspakom charged RM25. Cheap huh. We took Ruby to Puspakom Saturday morning, and after 30minutes, opps…”no. chasis encik salah” Aikkkk???
On Monday, we rushed back to Customs at PTP asking them to amend the Custom form. The officer amended the form, yes…but not in the system. When I registered the E-daftar (another RM50 for this service), I was told that the numbers didnt match. Nooooohhhh!!! It took us another 3 days to get everything in order. When Drostech emailed me telling me that I can finally register Ruby at JPJ, I was so relieved.
Off we went to JPJ. “Opps…Puan…error…Borang AP ni masih no. chasis lama….!”
What the hell!! I demand to see the Pengarah….!!! Eh eh eh…that did not happen…! This happened. “Errr saya dah penat la, dah tak larat dah, ni cuma AP aje…yg lain2 sume sama ni. System pun kata OK….ni human factor, bole dibaiki aje…” So, we walked into the Timbalan Pengarah’s office, no questions, nothing. He just signed and let us register Ruby. What a relief!
Ok…Yeay…Ruby is ours now. But, “Puan…insuran tak ada la…” Another RM2k for insurance. And RM300 for Pendaftaran Kereta Import, RM210 for Pendaftaran Plate Number, another RM633 for a one year Road Tax.
Ruby, Ruby…as I am writing, Ruby is already at a workshop. Hubby has sent it for a makeover. First it was this, than it was that…then this that this that….We have spent a FORTUNE on Ruby!

This Eddy is up for sale…THIS EDDY IS SOLD

Zul & I with the proud new owner of Eddy
Matt walking to his new car

This one I hit my garage…..& that one I hit the trolley parking area at Chartwell…am I a bad driver or what???
That one belongs to hubby…and kecantikan paras rupa….
Eddy I love you….hopefully you’ll find a new owner soon…

A wonderful car used by us when we first stepped foot on this land. Never had any problem with this one…though it’s a 1995 edition, but this is even better than my 2006 Honda Civic. If only I can take you home Eddy….

House cleaning

It’s time for house cleaning. Effective 30 March, we’re letting this house go. Hubby made it a point that we cleaned the house just like when we first entered the house. So far, the master bedroom, corridor, living room and dining room were all done…very thoroughly…(well actually hubby did most of the part…..), and he being a clean freak made everything spotless clean!!

My First Home in NZ

22 Endiburgh Road was our first home in NZ. Right after we landed in Hamilton, we stayed at the very lousy motor home, actually not so lousy la…but lousy to my taste…We took 2 rooms (the ruling in NZ is that all kids need to have their own beds) and paid more than $1000. The rooms weren’t that dear, but perhaps I was too careless or maybe too tired that first night or too overwhelmed by the whole idea of people receiving us here, I lost $1000. I realized the next morning that the windows to our room were opened and “all hell break lose”!

After 2 nights at the Motor Home, Angela from Kuching let us rent her house for 200 a week, which was very reasonable. Angela was really really kind enough to lend us heaps of her stuffs for us to start a living…(Terhutang budi with Angela la ni…) After a week, we found this house put up for rent for 270 a week. At first there was just this one house on a piece of bare land, but after a while, there are some nice plants & a garage built for us. Marian & Ernie are really nice toward us, very considerate, very motherly & fatherly to us….


Nazura’s room