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a short holiday trip to Morib

I was lucky enough a company sponsored me a 3 bedroom penthouse that would cost mr RM1,500.00 for 1 night to GoldCoast Morib. We have never been to Morib and could not expect what we could find there.

Water slides

 I did not google much but thought I would just follow with the flow of a lazy holiday. We left home at around 730am and stopped over at R&R Pagoh for a short drink. Our next pit stop was Bandar Bukut Mahkota where we picked up my niece and her daughter…& then off to Infrastructure University to pick up both my sons. I have instructed Along to drive to IUKL to ease our travel. The travel from IUKL to Banting was rather smooth. Perhaps it was a Sunday. Banting town wasn’t too bad and too busy for us. 
We reached GoldCoast at exactly 130pm. I was taken by surprise, it was flock with heaps of people. We managed to check in early since not many people would take a 1.5k room. The 3 bedroom penthouse was lavish, and I like the verandah the most. It was spacious and airy.   




The verandah is really huge, big enough for a small BBQ party. Ohhh how I wish we could have a BBQ during our time there.



Another interesting feature of the GoldCoast is the water park. If you have young kids I am pretty sure you will spend a day in the park. I came down for a swim on the next day. I wasn’t actually too eager to take a dip in the water, but my older sister could not resist taking a dip in.
Waiting for our seafood dinner

We had seafood dinner during our stay there. Thanks to Mr Google I found a few reviews about Juvita Seafood…so off we head to Banting town to get a taste of some delicacies. Dinner was not too bad. We simply enjoyed every bite of our dinner. Let’s see…we had 2 kg of cockerel, 2 kg of phapha, squids, prawns, vegetable soup, fried khailan, 2 siakaps and spent only rm250 for our meal.
Seafood dinner at Juvita Seafood Restaurant

For dessert, we stopped over by the roadside and spent RM50 for durians. Yumm Yumm…

After dinner snack- durian by the roadside

Jakarta Bandung Trip



“Jalan2 Cari Makan” expedition~ Mee Bandung Muar

I never liked Mee Bandung. But we decided to stop for Mee bandung Muar at Abu Hanifah Mee Bandung, just near the Tanjung, and in the town area of Bandar Maharani.Hubby ordered some satay as well. If you happened to be in Muar, dont forget to try the Mee Bandung. And order a glass of cold coffee too.
Total bliss!!!

“Jalan2 cari makan” expedition: Coconut Shake

If you are in Melaka, don’t forget to head to Klebang and try out the Coconut Shake. We had our shake after lunch, and true enough, it was a long queue before we could try out this popular drink. Hmmm, not too bad. Very creamy taste with coconut flavour. Yummmm….

“Jalan2 cari makan” Expedition: Asam Pedas Melaka

Okay, asam pedas Melaka is just not for me. We had one as this specific ‘asam pedas’ eatery which is crowded with people. I guess I can make better asam pedas than those we have eaten in Melaka.

“Jalan2 cari makan” expedition: Melaka great choice

I read from a few blogs recommending Restoran Selera Kampung as a ‘must’ visit if you are hunting for an eatery. We got there around noon, true enough there were heaps of people waiting to be seated. They had array of choices of food that drools anyone. Even the ulam2 palate was full of variety. For lunch, we I had rice with daging salai masak cili api (but noo too nice, i prefer those from Seremban) with salty duck egg, we had 2 pieces of grilled kembung, hubby had ikan parang asam pedas, the kids had their choices, ulams and spent RM67 for lunch. Is this dear?

“Jalan2 cari makan” JB: Malay Village Restaurant

My son, Nazmi gave us a treat at Malay Village Restaurant Nusa Jaya after he got his first pay working as a pizza boy at Pizza Hut, Taman U. I ordered fish and chips (which was to my liking) and Air Pelam Asam Boi (something like that). Ain had chicken chop with Nes Ice, Hubby had Coffee Ice, Along had Avocado Juice and Anga himself had Mango Juice. The boys shared Malay delicacy of soup, sizzling beef and egg fuyong eaten with plain white rice. He spent almost RM100 for this meal, which I think was reasonable enough.

A short getaway @ the Hatten Hotel & Suites Melaka

A nice 4 star hotel this is. The Hatten Hotel is to our liking as it is a very new building and it is strategically located on Banda Hilir, next to Mahkota Parade and opposite the Dataran Pahlawan. Take a peep into our room.

Strawberries and such…

Cameron Highlands is raining with strawberries. Strawberries are not only edible but can also be taken to sleep as pillows. Hahaha.
You can find strawberry key chains, strawberry pillows, strawberry pencil cases, strawberry magnets, strawberry slippers and countless other strawberry designed products. One my first day in CH, I found myself surrounded by strawberry products to be rather fun, but come the 2nd day, I got tired of this. Everywhere in the nook there are strawberries. Most shops sell the same things. Even the night markets are filled with the same souvenirs. 
Living in NZ and Canada exposed me to strawberry picking (the real thing~fruit grown in soil), but the strawberries here were grown in a slightly different way. We didn’t get to strawberry pick in CH, but what I enjoyed most was the food made out strawberries. Here are some pics I took while we were strawberrying in CH.
Waffles with strawberry jam (okay la…so so…not so yumm)

Strawberry and cream & Strawberry sundae

Enjoying myself….

Strawberry jam, strawberry tea, strawberry preserves and strawberry fridge magnet which I took home

…of tea and scones

While vacationing in Cameron Highlands, I decided to take everyone up to Bala’s Chalet and Restaurant for some tea and scones. The atmosphere around Bala was rather relaxing. 

Bala’s Chalet & Restaurant
The scones were excellent, served with imported butter and strawberry jam.  The cream they serve with the jam was unusual: pure white in colour and very dense. I thought it could be the whipping cream, but whipping cream is usually lighter. A mouthwatering combination with the delicious scones was the tea. My hubby thought that the tea was perfect.
Beautiful scones

This combination of 2 pieces of scones and a teapot of tea costs RM22.50. I think it’s a little pricey. But with the ambiance and great scones, no price is comparable to the experience.

The scones and tea are just to our liking
Hb & I posed while waiting for our order

Patiently waiting

An unexpected turn of event

My ODC which we just overhauled its engine went overheated in Bandar Seri Putra in Bangi. We were on our way to a short trip to Cameron and all our plans went haywire. Because it was my sister’s first trip to Cameron Highland, I decided to proceed with this holiday. Well, didn’t want to ruin her excitement. Zahidee, my nephew came to our rescue. He helped us out with our ODC and let us used his Wish. We were on our way up when we received a BBM message saying that the ODC has been towed by Evo’s sister company in Gemas.

My ODC being towed from Bukit Mahkota to EVO in Gemas

Road trip to CH was fine. It was almost 12 midnight when we finally reached Greenhill Apartments.

2 days in Cameron Highland, time to head home. But then again, our ODC was still at Evo Gemas. 

After sending Nasri off in UIA, we had a good ride via Plusliner coach. When was the last time I took a ride on a bus??? Hmmm…let’s see, can’t remember. It must have been years….

Dad is one happy man…he didn’t have to
drive this time

Samsung Tab 2 7.0 vs Blackberry Torch 9860

Yeah, right, my best buddy, BB 9860 crashed for the 3rd time… (sulking). First, it was early Dec 2011. I had 2 wait for 2 months before Celcom finally decided to replace it with a new phone. Got my phone in Feb 2012, and it (the new phone) crashed again. Hang and could not be turn on. I was told it was a software issue. But it took Celcom only less than 12 hours to get it repaired. Last week, another crash. I googled and learnt the trick to reboot it myself, nahhhh….I was unfortunate. Took it back to Celcom (lucky me, the warranty ends December this year) and Celcom promises at least 1 month till I get my Torch back.  
I felt so “lonely” without a smartphone that I decided to get something today. Dragged Zul and Anga to Skudai Parade, and got my hands on a Tab 2. Well, I was undecided about whether to pick Note 2 or Tab 2. But I rest on Tab 2. Why?
All covered in white…..
Of course Note 2 has the advantage with multitasking & writing ‘notes’, but I blog quite often. I find Note 2 a little too small for updating my blog and googling. How to use the Tab as a phone? Oklah, I opt to the use of the loudspeaker. Besides, when I used Torch 9860, I always speak via the loudspeaker.  
What will happen to my beautiful Torch? See la. I might sell it on Mudah. Or perhaps pass it over to Zul or Anga……Today, I’m going to be busy downloading stuffs into my Tab 2 from the Aps Store.

A holiday home in Lake Tekapo

In winter 2010, the 3 families decided to book a winter holiday in Lake Tekapo. Rina’s, Ann’s and my families book a flight from Auckland to Christchurch via Jetstar. I remember paying only NZD300 for my family for a return trip. That would total up to RM750 for the 5 of us. Cheap as? 
Right after touching down at Christchurch International Airport, we headed straight to Carleton (errk, have I got the name correct???) to do some grocery shopping. We collected our minibus which we rented and headed straight to Lake Tekapo where we would be putting up for 2 nights. I was in charge of house hunting and vehicle hunting. Relieved that the house I chose was “extra spacious” for these 3 families to share. I’m sharing with you the view of this house we rented for our winter holidays.

Some other holiday houses

The entrance to our holiday home

Nice area, right?

Zul, posing for me. With the holiday home at the background and the mini bus enough for the 12 of us

The dining area

Along’s & Anga’s (my kids) room

Living are

The area outside

After…see all the food we brought

My hubby & I rested in this room- on the ground level

Passage to the top

Kasi can sama Saiful & Rina