Swiss Garden MICELT Conference

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Fishing again

It is that time of the year when your other half decided to go on a fishing trip. Instead of fish, there were loads of squids he took home with him. Here are some of his catch.




Cameron Highlands getaway

Jakarta Bandung Trip



“Jalan2 Cari Makan” expedition~ Mee Bandung Muar

I never liked Mee Bandung. But we decided to stop for Mee bandung Muar at Abu Hanifah Mee Bandung, just near the Tanjung, and in the town area of Bandar Maharani.Hubby ordered some satay as well. If you happened to be in Muar, dont forget to try the Mee Bandung. And order a glass of cold coffee too.
Total bliss!!!

“Jalan2 cari makan” expedition: Coconut Shake

If you are in Melaka, don’t forget to head to Klebang and try out the Coconut Shake. We had our shake after lunch, and true enough, it was a long queue before we could try out this popular drink. Hmmm, not too bad. Very creamy taste with coconut flavour. Yummmm….

“Jalan2 cari makan” Expedition: Asam Pedas Melaka

Okay, asam pedas Melaka is just not for me. We had one as this specific ‘asam pedas’ eatery which is crowded with people. I guess I can make better asam pedas than those we have eaten in Melaka.

“Jalan2 cari makan” expedition: Melaka great choice

I read from a few blogs recommending Restoran Selera Kampung as a ‘must’ visit if you are hunting for an eatery. We got there around noon, true enough there were heaps of people waiting to be seated. They had array of choices of food that drools anyone. Even the ulam2 palate was full of variety. For lunch, we I had rice with daging salai masak cili api (but noo too nice, i prefer those from Seremban) with salty duck egg, we had 2 pieces of grilled kembung, hubby had ikan parang asam pedas, the kids had their choices, ulams and spent RM67 for lunch. Is this dear?

“Jalan2 cari makan” JB: Malay Village Restaurant

My son, Nazmi gave us a treat at Malay Village Restaurant Nusa Jaya after he got his first pay working as a pizza boy at Pizza Hut, Taman U. I ordered fish and chips (which was to my liking) and Air Pelam Asam Boi (something like that). Ain had chicken chop with Nes Ice, Hubby had Coffee Ice, Along had Avocado Juice and Anga himself had Mango Juice. The boys shared Malay delicacy of soup, sizzling beef and egg fuyong eaten with plain white rice. He spent almost RM100 for this meal, which I think was reasonable enough.

A short getaway @ the Hatten Hotel & Suites Melaka

A nice 4 star hotel this is. The Hatten Hotel is to our liking as it is a very new building and it is strategically located on Banda Hilir, next to Mahkota Parade and opposite the Dataran Pahlawan. Take a peep into our room.

Melaka getaway

My one day short trip to Melaka was filled up with eating activities. Melaka is very familiar to us since we have made countless trips to this small state a few years back. This time our trip was more makan-makan trip, and shopping with the kids.

Terengganu Kopok

A short trip to Terengganu last December was a beautiful one (though we were trapped in the monsoon flood). Before leaving Terengganu, we took a short turn to Losong to get some keropoks home. There are rows and rows of stalls selling keropok lekor along the roadside. We chose one stall that look clean in our eyes. But the taste of the kopok was slightly disappointing. I preferred those keropok lekor which we bought along the Marang area, more fishy taste, and a lot tastier. To those who are looking to pack some kopok lekor home, drive to Marang for a better taste!

Strawberries and such…

Cameron Highlands is raining with strawberries. Strawberries are not only edible but can also be taken to sleep as pillows. Hahaha.
You can find strawberry key chains, strawberry pillows, strawberry pencil cases, strawberry magnets, strawberry slippers and countless other strawberry designed products. One my first day in CH, I found myself surrounded by strawberry products to be rather fun, but come the 2nd day, I got tired of this. Everywhere in the nook there are strawberries. Most shops sell the same things. Even the night markets are filled with the same souvenirs. 
Living in NZ and Canada exposed me to strawberry picking (the real thing~fruit grown in soil), but the strawberries here were grown in a slightly different way. We didn’t get to strawberry pick in CH, but what I enjoyed most was the food made out strawberries. Here are some pics I took while we were strawberrying in CH.
Waffles with strawberry jam (okay la…so so…not so yumm)

Strawberry and cream & Strawberry sundae

Enjoying myself….

Strawberry jam, strawberry tea, strawberry preserves and strawberry fridge magnet which I took home

…of tea and scones

While vacationing in Cameron Highlands, I decided to take everyone up to Bala’s Chalet and Restaurant for some tea and scones. The atmosphere around Bala was rather relaxing. 

Bala’s Chalet & Restaurant
The scones were excellent, served with imported butter and strawberry jam.  The cream they serve with the jam was unusual: pure white in colour and very dense. I thought it could be the whipping cream, but whipping cream is usually lighter. A mouthwatering combination with the delicious scones was the tea. My hubby thought that the tea was perfect.
Beautiful scones

This combination of 2 pieces of scones and a teapot of tea costs RM22.50. I think it’s a little pricey. But with the ambiance and great scones, no price is comparable to the experience.

The scones and tea are just to our liking
Hb & I posed while waiting for our order

Patiently waiting