the morning after

The travel to Penang was rather long and tiring. We had to wait for my hubby to leave work at 5pm before we could start our journey. Little did we expect that the highway was going to be packed with motorists. We finally reached Rainbow Paradise Penang at 2am, after stopping at 2 R&Rs.

the view at 2am

a short holiday trip to Morib

I was lucky enough a company sponsored me a 3 bedroom penthouse that would cost mr RM1,500.00 for 1 night to GoldCoast Morib. We have never been to Morib and could not expect what we could find there.

Water slides

 I did not google much but thought I would just follow with the flow of a lazy holiday. We left home at around 730am and stopped over at R&R Pagoh for a short drink. Our next pit stop was Bandar Bukut Mahkota where we picked up my niece and her daughter…& then off to Infrastructure University to pick up both my sons. I have instructed Along to drive to IUKL to ease our travel. The travel from IUKL to Banting was rather smooth. Perhaps it was a Sunday. Banting town wasn’t too bad and too busy for us. 
We reached GoldCoast at exactly 130pm. I was taken by surprise, it was flock with heaps of people. We managed to check in early since not many people would take a 1.5k room. The 3 bedroom penthouse was lavish, and I like the verandah the most. It was spacious and airy.   




The verandah is really huge, big enough for a small BBQ party. Ohhh how I wish we could have a BBQ during our time there.



Another interesting feature of the GoldCoast is the water park. If you have young kids I am pretty sure you will spend a day in the park. I came down for a swim on the next day. I wasn’t actually too eager to take a dip in the water, but my older sister could not resist taking a dip in.
Waiting for our seafood dinner

We had seafood dinner during our stay there. Thanks to Mr Google I found a few reviews about Juvita Seafood…so off we head to Banting town to get a taste of some delicacies. Dinner was not too bad. We simply enjoyed every bite of our dinner. Let’s see…we had 2 kg of cockerel, 2 kg of phapha, squids, prawns, vegetable soup, fried khailan, 2 siakaps and spent only rm250 for our meal.
Seafood dinner at Juvita Seafood Restaurant

For dessert, we stopped over by the roadside and spent RM50 for durians. Yumm Yumm…

After dinner snack- durian by the roadside

Jakarta Bandung Trip



“Jalan2 Cari Makan” expedition~ Mee Bandung Muar

I never liked Mee Bandung. But we decided to stop for Mee bandung Muar at Abu Hanifah Mee Bandung, just near the Tanjung, and in the town area of Bandar Maharani.Hubby ordered some satay as well. If you happened to be in Muar, dont forget to try the Mee Bandung. And order a glass of cold coffee too.
Total bliss!!!


My son Nazmi has 6 more papers to sit for….i feel sorry for him…Agama on Monday, Add Math on Tuesday, Physics on Wednesday, Chemistry the week after, Engineering Drawing & Engineering Drawing in December. I pray for his success.

My 44th Birthday

HB’s bouquet of roses for my birthday

Grilled chicken, caesar salad & coleslaw


Beef stew & spiced rice

I turned 44 last week. HB gave me a bouquet of red, white and pink roses and decided that we have a family dinner when my eldest son comes home for a holiday. Nasri came back to celebrate my birthday with us, and instead of eating out as usual, HB decided to home cook the birthday dinner. It was a special meal, made with so much love, but I felt quite guilty not helping him at all.

Mocha, please recover….

Look at how sick Mocha is….

We lost his antics…

Mocha has been sick, diagnosed with liver problem, jaundice and mouth ulser. He is still on medication, of antibiotics, liquid for his liver and vitamin B complex. Because of the pain in his mouth, we have to feed him with AD which I pureed and force feed him using a syringe. It is difficult for me, I have to rush to work and return home in between to feed him. He’s not his usual self. He prefers to be left alone and would sit in this position for hours.

Bazlie, he came and he’s now gone

Bazlie is now resting in peace. He touched me though he was with me for only 3 weeks.

The night before Bazlie passed away

My Love for Anas

We found a little limping kitten stuck under our shoe cabinet on the 21st July. Nasri named it ‘kitun’. I felt rather funny calling him ‘kitun’ so after so much thought wondering, we decided to name him ‘Anas’, ~taking after the panasonic box we put it in. I was thrilled when hb changed his mind & allowed us to keep it. Elated, I rushed to the store, got a litter box, and food for him. Everyone was excited! We did not choose Anas, but God sent him to us. He was limping yes, but he was such a playful darling.  On the 6th Sept 2012, he went missing. When hb left for work, Anas was still playing at the car porch, but when I left for work, I sensed that he was gone. Anas is God’s gift to us. We didn’t choose to care for him but he chose us. It was therapeutic caring for him. I’m calling for Anas to return to us one day…..

we come in different modes

I am writing this from the not so comfortable vehicle, while waiting for my son’ s tuition to end.  we have to travel  a distance twice a wk for hs math and add math classes.  while sitting in my car, i notice that parents send their chilren here using  all sorts of vehicles. motorbikes, merc, mpv, sports car. you name it. Whatever vehicles we ride or drive, we want the best in our kids. I have to sacrifice more than 4 hours of my time every week, sometimes doing nothing!

Bringing up a teenage daughter

How difficult is it to bring up a teenage girl?
It IS difficult! I don’t want to look like I am one pushy and controlled parent who wants my kid to do things my way, but I think I am ONE!

Look around us. With lots and lots of social issues around, I want my child to grow up the way I want her to be. But I am defenseless with all the challenges out there….

The Spirit of Giving

I am excited to witness a wedding in my family in 30 days. The last wedding we had was 5 years back. And I missed 2 family weddings while we were overseas.

My family is always EXCITED about things. We’ll be excited about kenduris, rayas or other events that involve family matters.

I am writing today to share my view about gift giving. Some people think of gift giving as a lame idea, but to me, it’s a sign of your love. The smallest gift from one person opens the heart of the other. I’d feel touched, appreciated and get the feel of much love getting a gift from someone.

Since Nina is getting married to Shafiq soon, here are some GREAT ideas what we can give this young (???) couple.

If Nina can tell us what she wants…we’ll gladly get something PRACTICAL for their use at home.

The bride likes painting….so perhaps you can get her a GOOD painting…not the lowya one…

This is very IMPORTANT….a dinnerset

The secret to a man’s heart is through your cooking. Give them these pots…
Pans Pans Pans

And unique bowls….UNIQUE ok
Tea anyone??
or… a set of drinking glass (cikai la…unless you get crystal glass)

Knife set would be a great idea….

Cutleries?? Not from Langkawi I hope. Go for 18/10 stainless steel

Or the Spice Rack….not Spice Girls

Anyone for Tupperware for storing?

Give them a wall clock?
Or settled for a bed sheet?

On some days, the couple might want a cold shake…give them a blender?

I wish for this…an oven! Darling, can I have this please….on our Annivesary???
Settled for these flasks???

This is such a lovely present. The mini processor. I have this and it’s wonderful!!!

Yup…the toaster with a more feminine touch….
If you are on a tight budget, perhaps you can  give a DIY frame?

On some nights, they may want a romantic scene…give them the power of lightings

No excuses for not cooking!!! I need this too! A microwave oven!

Mirrors mirrors on the wall…..

This one is MINE!!!!! Kitchen Aid!

The stand fan is another great gift idea!
A retro table fan that the couple can take it with them.
Buy towels…Be sure they are good brands
Perhaps, an album ?

Travel or Shopping Voucher!!!! Yes!
If you just can’t decide, give them CASH

Nasri’s 19th Birthday present

15th April~ Nasri celebrated his 19th birthday. We didn’t have a proper celebration as he’s away in IIUM. Well we have to postpone the celebration when he returns. I told hubby to get Nasri a “good” watch. I chose Titus and ellesse but he said both choices did not suit Nasri’s age. We settled for a FCUK watch which cost us around MYR300 after discount. Hope you like the birthday present, son…!!!

Hubby’s Cheesy Wedges

It was kind of my hubby to prepare dinner for us. He served us a plate of wedges but my kids complained that the wedges tasted funny. I looked at the plate and said, “ah…dad used cheddar and it’s not melted the way it should be”.

“No, it really tastes odd!”
I took a bite. “Eh, why sweet??”
“Someone put white chocolate in the same cheese container…I didn’t know it was white chocolate! I grated both onto the wedges….”
Well, the smart someone had to be me….!!! (Gulp) 
I wish our wedges would look and taste this good…..

Photo credits: Google Dari Dapur Kecah