Insured to be rest assured

I was frantically looking for a medical insurance for my family last week for “I don’t know why” reason. I get alarmed at almost anything. This time I get excited about insurance. It’s not that we’re not insured. Everyone in the family, except hubby is insured. I don’t understand why he refuses to take up a life insurance. To me, it’s a kind of savings…for our retirement. Along’s insurance is already matured and we’re reaping the seeds of what we sow. I used it for his university funds. After “ransacking” my bookshelves, I found my 2 policies and Anga’s policy and came to realize that Anga’s policy will only mature when he turns 21. Aiyyooo why so long? Then I realized when I took up the policy for him, I thought I could prepare him financially when he gets married in the future….hahaha, one crazy mum I am and Ain has a policy with Takaful Malaysia. With my 2 policies, my hubby is going to be one rich man when I die. Lol.

I called up MAA enquiring about its Sihat Malaysia policy, thinking of a medical policy for the family, but an Indian lady from MAA who answered my call said, “why bother? you work for the govt right? you get all the benefits! you get 1st class treatment! why bother for a medical insurance?” her remarks made me have 2nd thoughts about this.