The Final Touch

We bought this house in 1999 but rented it out. When our economy was stable, I proposed that we buy a bigger house in a gated area, but hubby did not like the idea. With 100% UTM students staying in the campus area, it would be difficult to find tenants so he suggested that we live in this house. Before moving in, I decided to re-do the whole house and spent almost 100k in renovation works. That was 2006. After the house was finally done, we made a decision to leave the country for my PhD studies, so we left our home. We only stayed for about 4months in this very house before leaving Msia.
We left the porch untouched and decided to re-do our porch after we returned from New Zealand for good. When hubby and the kids returned in April 2011, we wanted to do some saving before completing with this renovation. But our porch was such an eyesore (for me) that I told hubby I wanted to get it done after Syawal. Our initial plan was to spend around 10k-12k, but upon completion, we realized that we have overspent….opps 🙁
All completed now, but I have not added in any water feature yet, no garden furniture yet….We have to wait for a little while, I think….

This is the original porch. We took down all the original stone pillars and changed into new ones. At this stage, I wasn’t sure what Din was going to do.

Hubby and I went to kangkar pulai to get the bali stones.

When I left for NZ, this was ready.

I was in NZ when Din and his men did the tiling. Design of the tiling was my idea.

I told hubby I wanted this wood work. I had to add another RM2k for this.

Almost done, with lighting effects

Choice for the wall lights…we bought 4 of this.

Hubby’s idea to cover the ceiling with woodwork. Because it was his idea, I didn’t have a clue how much it cost.

Hubby’s idea for these lights on the stone pillars
This fan is from our Bilik Solat which we moved to the car porch.

Floor work made of Shanghai pebbles

The gate…my idea for Bunga Padi, since it was a rare design here in JB

View of the porch during the day

View of the porch at night