A holiday home in Lake Tekapo

In winter 2010, the 3 families decided to book a winter holiday in Lake Tekapo. Rina’s, Ann’s and my families book a flight from Auckland to Christchurch via Jetstar. I remember paying only NZD300 for my family for a return trip. That would total up to RM750 for the 5 of us. Cheap as? 
Right after touching down at Christchurch International Airport, we headed straight to Carleton (errk, have I got the name correct???) to do some grocery shopping. We collected our minibus which we rented and headed straight to Lake Tekapo where we would be putting up for 2 nights. I was in charge of house hunting and vehicle hunting. Relieved that the house I chose was “extra spacious” for these 3 families to share. I’m sharing with you the view of this house we rented for our winter holidays.

Some other holiday houses

The entrance to our holiday home

Nice area, right?

Zul, posing for me. With the holiday home at the background and the mini bus enough for the 12 of us

The dining area

Along’s & Anga’s (my kids) room

Living are

The area outside

After…see all the food we brought

My hubby & I rested in this room- on the ground level

Passage to the top

Kasi can sama Saiful & Rina