Exotic lomak cili api

This is our 2nd trip to Restoran Nelayan on Jalan Zaaba, Seremban. To those who never ever had  any taste of masak lomak negeri style, have a visit here. You will find a variety of masak lemak cili api and a wide range of ulam-ulaman and sambal belacan, tempoyak and cencalok. Yummm…….

A range of ulams

All the sambal belacans and cencaloks and tempoyaks

My kids love the ‘siput’ and ‘otak’ is my hb’s favourite

See the ‘landak’ meat???


Tembusu is the inner perut…(I dont know which part of perut actually, but my hb loves this)

This is really expensive….cendawan kukur (1kg costs rm100)

Anga & Ain settled for this

That’s hb’s choice

That’s mine

This restaurant is unique as this is the one that serves EXOTIC masak lomak cili api dishes ranging from porcupine meat (landak), venison meat (rusa) and other exotic dishes. I am not brave enough to try these exotics, so I only settled for Grilled beef masak lomak (daging salai). Hubby paid RM80 for a lunch for 6 adults.