Fractured Metatarsal of Last Toe

Yup. That’s it. After multiple scans of my foot, Dr Yoga asked if I wanted a foot cast (which would recover in 6 months) or a surgery (which of course I presumed would heal faster).

I was immediately warded and early at dawn the hospital took three small bottles of blood. As soon as the procedure was done I had a terrible blackout, my heart was pounding profusely, I felt pain on my chest…started vomitting and passing stool. Could be food poisoning last night? Or not enough sleep as the patient next to me was snoring even up to now while I am typing this message. I know I dont have heart problem…My sugar reading was 5.5. The nurse just came over to take another bottle of blood as “darah kakak sudah beku”, and I said no fearing I might get another blackout.