19A Brocas

This is our rented home in New Zealand. it’s our 2nd home after 22 Edinburgh Street. I came across this house when I was busy spending my saturday morning hunting for goods at the garage sale. The tenants who used to live here held a garage sale…and me being nosy asked the couple about the house. Richard gave me Joanne’s number. I immediately called her to seek information about the house.
NZ policy is that if you have 3 grown-up kids, you are not allowed to rent a 2 bedroom house. So this house is an answer to my house hunting call. It’s been 2 years now and we loved every minute having this house as our temporary home in New Zealand…

A Day To Remember

This is a day for me to remember as I start my first blog….Perhaps I’ll share my likes and dislikes, my hopes, my fears, and my wishes….