Everyone at home are avid durian fans. This is the D101 that my friend, Bahirah Fazli treated Azian and I when we were in KL for the LSP Seminar. 2 durians cost her RM80, but let me tell you that this is the best durian I had so far this year. The flesh was succulent, thick and bitter sweet. I keep thinking about this durian even after I got back into our hotel room.



Cendol Durian

This is the famous Cendol Durian Borhan from Kuala Selangor. Not up to my taste, I would say…..


Ketupat Sotong

This is one of the best sotong meal my hubby cooks for us… I will be giving you the recipe very very soon.



Too Much Cheese Chocolate Cake

Amacam? Drooling. Do you know that this cake was baked and made by a 9-year boy from Setia Alam, Selangor? Yup. This is one of the best chocolate cakes I have ever tasted. I specially ordered from this baker, Danish Harraz. Thank you boy. Aunty loves your cake!



Eid Fitri Grandeur

Eid is about spending time with our families. I dont understand why we need to spend 30 days celebrating Eid. For my case, my Eid celebration normally lasts for 5 days. Once I am back home, Eid is over for me. The so-called open houses do not interest me at all.

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Miri teaching stint

Here are some recent pictures I took while we were in Miri teaching space class.

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Cat Supplements

These are some supplements I have for my cats at home.



My short break away from home, visiting friends in New Zealand in August 2016.13671911_1886967548192205_71612652_n 13671800_1052033551552308_457016278_n 13671742_527182697484909_1917686343_n 13671173_1276899955667974_2031522015_n 13651876_270864239967507_705835944_n 13643660_1776802822594427_1191273983_n 13671828_1881850948709304_831395269_n


Good bye my friend

Good bye my friend, Good bye.

May Allah grant you Jannah without hisab.

Mdm Jamiah passed away peacefully in August 2016. She was a staff member at this faculty.  I will always remember her as someone cheerful.13686989_1777805982490900_51662594_n

Rest in Peace MIKA


This is Mikail aka Mika, a breed of British short hair of which died 2 weeks back due to a tragic hit and run accident in front of our house.


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Brushes of all sizes

Now, when I was in school I used all sorts of brushes for my arts class. These days girls are crazy about using all kinds of brushes to doll themselves up. Ask me what these are for? You bet I cant answer you. I bought them, YES….but I dont know how to use them. 🙁


Holidaying at La Playa


I had been working really hard, hardly had any time for myself so I decided to take a short break. I planned for a vacation for 2 but my daughter whom we sent off for her foundation returned home, we took her with us.

Here is the link to the resort where we stayed.

La Playa Resort Click Here

Am I too old for rock climbing?

I accompanied my kids for a rock-climbing session one Saturday morning while dad was outstation. Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport, that tests my strength and balance along with mental control. I had half an hour of knowledge on proper climbing and belay techniques but after a half day session at Rock World JB I think I do not have enough strength to finish my route.



It’s the year of the MONKEY

A wonderful Saturday get-together with some of my ex-schoolmates who decided to have a meet-up at the Seeds, Taman Sutera. Aylyn, made a yumm fruit and vege yeesang for all of us and I appreciated her effort to remind me to bring all the ‘tools’ from my kitchen.