Post Operative Care

At home, I spent most of my time on the wheelchair and used the crutches on off whenever I needed them.

My feet swelled today, I dont know why. Could be post op effect . My toes were slightly numb. Took off the bandage for a while then put it back on before bed.



Post Op


Alhamdulillah, thank you to many of my friends for all their well wishes. The operating procedure went smoothly. I was pushed to the operating theatre around 245pm. They kept taking blood and ecg tests fearing I might have heart issues considering the pain on my chest I had this morning.
Dr. Sumitra, the hospital’s anesthesiologist gave 3 shots of anaesthesia on my spine soon after which I lost track of what was happening. I wasn’t aware of the procedure done on my feet by Dr Yoga, my ortho specialist until it was over. Around 5pm I realized that everyone was cleaning things up. They pushed me to the side, let me rest for another 30 minutes and more tests were done on me as post ops procedure. I was ushered to my room and was unconscious for most of the time until 8pm.


Human Markings

~This is where the surgery was going to be done at 3pm on 4th Jan~ bone fractured and dislocated ~
waiting for a physician to make his visit to check on my well-being after I complained about my blackout this morning and an ecg was done.
Still on fasting mode

Fractured Metatarsal of Last Toe

Yup. That’s it. After multiple scans of my foot, Dr Yoga asked if I wanted a foot cast (which would recover in 6 months) or a surgery (which of course I presumed would heal faster).

I was immediately warded and early at dawn the hospital took three small bottles of blood. As soon as the procedure was done I had a terrible blackout, my heart was pounding profusely, I felt pain on my chest…started vomitting and passing stool. Could be food poisoning last night? Or not enough sleep as the patient next to me was snoring even up to now while I am typing this message. I know I dont have heart problem…My sugar reading was 5.5. The nurse just came over to take another bottle of blood as “darah kakak sudah beku”, and I said no fearing I might get another blackout.

An incidental disclosure

While I was walking down the stairs at C13, I tripped and fell. That was 2nd Jan. The blow was really hard that my foot swelled in just seconds.

Husband said not to worry, just a slight impact from the fall. The problem was that I had difficulty walking. I was given a shot for the pain, some medication and 3 days mc. I was also asked to do an XRAY at PKU UTM. I rested at home and used ICE to treat the swollen foot. True enough after an xray done, I had some kind of broken bones and was referred to a specialist.

Last Day of Literature in ELT

Hope these kiddos gained some useful knowledge on how to teach literature when they go out for student training next semester!



Short Story by Stuart Mead

Literature in ELT

Click here for the story!

The Knock at the Door by Stuart Mead

Teaching Drama

Literature in ELT

Click here for notes on Teaching Drama in the ELT classroom

Powerpoint Notes on Short Stories

Literature in ELT

Click here for notes on short stories


Are you looking for a holiday program for your children? Here is ONE for your child!


Word of the day: IGNOMINY

\IG-nuh-min-ee, ig-NOM-uh-nee\

1. disgrace; dishonor; public contempt.
2. shameful or dishonorable quality or conduct or an instance of this.
Walking in the shadow of a dream, as it were, and perhaps actually under the influence of a species of somnambulism, Mr. Dimmesdale reached the spot, where, now so long since, Hester Prynne had lived through her first hour of public ignominy.
— Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter, 1850

Much Ado About Nothing

The Johor Bahru Readers and Writers Festival hit a note in Medini Mall in May 2016. I did two workshops with young people: a creative poetry writing workshop and drama for the young people. Here are some pics of the workshops I conducted.


13181451_1161251177232358_2111365064_n 13248863_1744722522466009_1151407064_n 13188193_230814293956414_1966131893_n 13181443_622826354536010_1251934640_n 13150880_827337197398162_1552442466_n 13151185_857000841089569_491642215_n 13117897_602627643248440_1658121416_n 13109110_234297036944177_1444621932_n 13113981_1606444126312348_1869236685_n 13116696_884763085003490_201224126_n 13108510_264082733942260_325359539_nch


Rest assured with a Takaful protection

Many people do not realize on the importance of early protection plan in cases of emergencies. I dont actually buy heavy premiums as I am afraid I wont be able to commit myself to paying monthly, but I guess at least I protection myself and my family members with some kinds of plan. If you are looking for a takaful agent, you may contact me. I know of an agent that can draw up a plan for you based on the budget you have.


LSP International Conference 2016

UTM KL recently hosted Language for Specific Purposes Conference at UTM KL.

I presented a paper on Higher Order Thinking Skills in the Literature Classroom. Here are some pics of me and my colleagues from JB who presented papers at the said-conference.


13739555_237728276626038_1630987173_n 13732333_664699437017398_964879718_nLSP