Dato’ Zuraidah Atan

261105-# 005

Late November 2015, we had a vibrant and energetic speaker at the campus.  Dato’ Zuraidah Atan, also known as K Zurai among the TKCians, came and the moment she steps down from her vehicle until she left, there was no silent moment at all.  This kakak has so much energy and so many things to share.

261105-# 008

The first time I met K Zurai was in the late 90s at Serai, PJ Hilton during one of the MGC/TKC AGMs.  Nobody can forget her as she was such an active personality and caught my eyes at that time.  I think she was the CEO of Affin Merchant at that time.

Her presentation at UTMKL mainly stressed about how to lead by example.  The slide above here lists the things that a leader should practice.  Walk the Talk!  She kept repeating that.

261105-# 021

The one who introduced K Zurai that day was none other than her junior at school, Prof Rose Alinda.

261105-# 018

These are the UTM management representatives that greeted K Zurai.

261105-# 016

She moves around during her talk and for the first time, I did not doze off.  Thank you K Zurai for the eye opening session.