Application of Product Data Management at MIMOS Bhd



Bill of Material (BOM) is an important technique document of the product structure that lists all the materials needed to produce an end product.  The existing system available at MIMOS Bhd is capable of processing online forms for handling various ID requests, data submission and Engineering Change Notice (ECN) requests.  However the challenge is to manage the multiple changes to the BOM while remaining consistent and accurate using the existing process.  Many problems arose from duplications of parts’ ID and parts’ descriptions hence a need for a centralized and organized solution.  An online system that can monitor BOM’s updates correctly and that can solve centralize storage issues is proposed. Product data management (PDM) is adopted to manage product data and process-related information in a single centralized system.  This will provide solutions for online data management, process enablement and change management, hence eliminating existing errors related to product data.


Keywords: Product Data Management (PDM), Bill of Material (BOM), Engineering Change Notice (ECN)