Green Technology

Electric cars are attractive such that they are environmental friendly and do not require maintenance as frequent as traditional combustion based vehicles. These cars use rechargeable battery packs. Unlike the batteries in combustible powered cars, these batteries run the controller that power up the electric motor. Basically, this motor runs everything in the car. Hence the issue here is how to obtain a long lasting powerful drive using a minimum of recharging.
Electric cars are in the Malaysian market since a few years. In order for their usage to be successful, charging stations and supporting infrastructure need to be publicly accessible. Several challenges of promoting electric cars include the fact that currently there are not enough public electric car charging facilities in the country. Therefore, the situation is seen to dampen the sales of electric car in the local market. Secondly, if the electric cars are not selling well in the country, the needs for having charging kiosks everywhere is not justifiable. Lastly, for the time being there is still no public charging infrastructure standard. Without a proper standard, it is very difficult to have a charging point that can cater to all types of electric cars.
From the scenario described, we can see that in order for the researchers to venture into a universal charger, a big volume of electric cars need to be sold in this country so as to encourage the needs for more charger. As the market in the country is limited, this problem has to be viewed at another angle. The usage of the electric car charger must not be limited to local consumption only. Therefore the effort should be expanded to the region and beyond.