MANP 1433 – Software Project & Configuration Management

This course introduces the students to the strategies in software configuration management (SCM) and software project management (SPM). The focus of this course is for the students to understand and implement recommended software engineering standard and practices – reading the standards and writing a software development plan using the standard.  The students will learn the concept of adhering to software engineering standards and implementing them into a small software project, taking into account the practice of good SCM along the way. They will experience the essentials of properly managing a software engineering project using the software engineering standards and best practices and will be able to display the ability to effectively collaborate in a small group and write down a complete software development plan.  This plan contains all the necessary procedures and processes for a small software project, comprising of configuration management, software quality and risk management activities.  The students will be able to demonstrate innovative project management methods and appropriate configuration management, risk management, quality assurance approaches and quality control strategies required by the software engineering standard into a software project.    This course will embrace the generic skills (critical thinking and problem solving, lifelong learning, team working skill) when engaging the tasks related to SCM and SPM into the software development plan they have to prepare collaboratively as a team.