Monthly Visit to Sekolah Integriti Kajang

This is just outside Penjara Kajang.  Our rendez-vous for PSWM’s monthly visit here.  We meet up here before collecting our visitor’s pass at the main gate.

060905-# 168

This is how the card looks like.  We had to leave all our ICs with them in order to be allowed to go inside.

060905-# 184

Cameras and phones are only allowed up to this point.  Here, Datin Fauziah, K Ana and I took a picture with the officer in charged of the day, En Saiful.

060905-# 171

For September 2015, the topic of our visit to the Juveniles of Sekolah Integriti Kajang was about the Prophet Muhammad and his exampleray conducts.

060905-# 186

On the way out, we stopped by at the women inmates complex to buy some frozen food.

060905-# 187

They are trained within the cells to cook, sew and many other skills.