Pertiwi Soup Kitchen

PERTIWI Soup Kitchen




We distribute every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. You may join either one or all if you wish. There is no need to register, unless you are coming in a big group.


Time: 9:00pm to 11:00pm (depending on the amount of food for distribution)


Distribution Point A: Medan Tuanku Feeding Centre, Lorong Medan Tuanku 2, Kuala Lumpur at 9:00pm


Distribution Point B: Kota Raya (beside Mydin, and not far from McDonald’s) at 10:00pm




Regular volunteers meet up at 8:40pm at 142, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur. You may meet us here if you like. This is where we prepare the food truck, Hilux and the medical Myvi by loading food, drinks, treats, medical supplies, etc. Volunteers can safely park their cars here and car pool with other volunteers to our first distribution point.


Distribution Point A at Medan Tuanku Feeding Centre


This is our first distribution point. Volunteers will be given tasks such as distributing the meal packs and treats, mixing drinks, serving drinks, doing bottle refills, helping as runners, managing the crowd, etc. The most important thing volunteers must remember is SERVICE WITH A SMILE because a smile can go for miles and a SMILE IS ALSO CHARITY. Help our recipients turn their frowns upside down! 🙂


Distribution Point B at Kota Raya


We would park the food truck, Hilux and Myvi beside Mydin, which is not far from McDonalds, Starbucks, Nandos. Here the procedure is the same as at the first distribution point. Volunteers should switch to a different task to be fair to all. Most volunteers go home once we are done here.


Distribution Point C at various locations such as “Sungkai” / Masjid India / Petaling Street


You will soon figure out where “Sungkai” is. We will go to other locations if we are unable to finish distributing all our food at Kota Raya. We will drive around looking for those who are hungry and thirsty.


Back to Bangsar

The remaining volunteers, the food truck, Hilux and Myvi would return to Bangsar to unload and clean the vehicles.

After that it is customary for volunteers to go for makan or teh tarik … volunteers need to eat too! 🙂



Safety & Comfort

It is highly recommended that volunteers come as light as possible, because you will need both your hands. Hence, it is recommended that volunteers be free of handbags & backpacks.


Also please wear comfortable shoes because there will be a lot of standing.


What we do is safe enough that some of our volunteers bring along their infants and young children. The young children who come along may learn to appreciate their food and surroundings better by witnessing the difficulty many people have to face daily just to get food.


Bottomline. Soup Kitchen is a good thing and we welcome you to join in the activity.


Contact: Munirah Hamid

Mobile: 0122363639