Associate Professor Dr Yasue Mitsukura

It is often known that an EEG has the individual characteristic. However, there are no researches to achieve the considering of the individual characteristic. Then, the analyzed frequency components of the EEG have that the frequency components in which characteristics are contained significantly, and that not. Moreover, these combinations have the individual difference. We think that these combinations are the individual characteristic of the EEG. In this paper, the EEG analysis method by using the GA and the FA and the NN is proposed. The GA is used for selecting the individual characteristic. The FA is used for extracting the characteristics data of the EEG. The NN is used for estimating extracted the characteristics data of the EEG. Finally, in order to show the effectiveness of the proposed method, computer simulations are done by classifying the EEG pattern.

The above abstract describe in brief one of the latest research of Mitsukura Sensei.  We were honoured to have her at our campus recently where she shared with us her researches.  She has set up her own laboratory in Keio University Japan called Mitsukura Lab and many significant researches have bloomed there.






More information about Mitsukura Sensei can be found here.