An Internet Business Visibility Conceptual Model

Payam Nami, Othman Mohd Yusop, Azri Azmi, Haslina Md Sarkan, Suriayati Chuprat, Kamalia Kamardin,

ACACOS 2015, April 2015, Kuala Lumpur.



Nowadays internet is a popular media used by business entities to increase their core business’ visibility to the world. Current trend shows that the broadness of internet’s capabilities as a marketing media, has gearing the environment towards competitive business milieu. Despite ones excellent business concept, without good business visibility it will not guarantee its survivability over the internet. The key points of boosting up business visibility are constantly relying on these two attainable factors namely; monitor and evaluate its internet ranking and position. A conceptual model was introduced to facilitate the tasks of continuously monitoring and evaluating web traffic services, search engines, online and offline adverts and social media. Henceforth business owner is able to procure result analysis of his own business visibility from respective search engines which can be obtained from the model dashboard view. Also, the business owners can strategised their next move of getting the business more visible.