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Come join us ❤️The registration link for students can be found here.
To participate, you must produce a digital poster and a video presentation that meet the following criteria.
Digital Poster
1. In Facebook Photo Post size with a 630 x 1200 or 1200 x 630 pixel resolution. You are able to select your favourite orientation, thus the display could be portrait or landscape.
2. Your poster is expected to consist of:o Problem/Issueo Research Gap – Evidence from data/literatureo Finding/Resulto Publication Output – Corresponding / First University Author and from the research presented onlyo Name of participants and their declared roles (1 head of project and maximum of 4 members per participation)o Acknowledgement to sponsor(s) – if applicableVideo presentation should be
1. Maximum duration of 3 minutes
2. Uploaded to YouTube by participantMaximum involvement for academic staff:
1. One involvement as project leader only and
2. Maximum of 3 participation as member