PhD tips – how to write everyday

Here are ten ways you can write every day:

  1. Write on a blank page
  2. Line-edit something you have already written
  3. Restructure a paper that you have been working on
  4. Pull together pieces of older documents you have written into a new paper
  5. Check references and footnotes for accuracy
  6. Outline or mind-map a new project
  7. Summarize or take notes on something you have read recently that might be relevant to present or future research projects
  8. Make a revision plan for a rejected article or a โ€œrevise and resubmitโ€
  9. Make tables, figures, graphs, or images to represent visually concepts or trends in a paper
  10. Create an After-the-fact or Reverse Outline

Reference :

Motivasi 20

Kita selalu merancang untuk buat macam-macam perkara semasa menjalankan kajian. Contohnya :
Minggu ni nak siapkan bab 2
Minggu ni nak betulkan latarbelakang masalah
Minggu ni nak buat paper review…

Tapi selalunya ia hanya tinggal perancangan dan kemudiannya tinggal sebagai angan-angan.

To ensure success plan is…