Sr. Ts. Dr. Radzuan Sa’ari received his Certificate in Land Surveying  in 1990 and Diploma in Land Surveying in 1994 from Politeknik Ungku Omar (PUO). Then, in 1997, completed B.Sc. in Land Surveying from FGHT, UTM. In 2002, he completed M. Sc. in Land Surveying from FGHT, UTM. In 2016, he completed PhD in Civil Engineering (UTM), where he is working on the applications of Digital Close-Range Photogrammetry, Image Processing and Analysis in Structure Deformation.

He started his academic careers at UTM as a Research Assistant in 1997 at FGHT UTM, as Tutor and Lecturer at the Faculty of Civil Engineering UTM in 1999 and 2002, respectively. Currently, he is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Water and Environmental Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, UTM since 2017. He then serves as Coordinator of Surveying Unit, Engineering Surveying, and Surveying Camp Course Coordinator from 2012 to date. He is a member of Geotechnical Research Group (GRG), School of Civil Engineering, UTM. He is also members of  Royal Institution Surveyor Malaysia (RISM), Graduate Member of Malaysia Board of Technologies (MBOT) and  MBOT Professional Technologies (Ts.) respectively.

His fields of research interest are in surveying and mapping for various applications in supporting Civil Engineering fields such as Engineering Surveying, Hydrographic Surveying, GPS Surveying, Digital Close Range Photogrammetry, Aerial Photogrammetry using Drone and Digital Image Processing. He has involved in various research and consultancy projects related to Geomatic and Civil Engineering.

Sr. Ts. Dr. Radzuan Sa’ari previously worked at Hisham Isa GeoTeam Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Jurukur Malinja Sdn. Bhd.) as an assistant land surveyor and assistant hydrography surveyor from  1991 to 1992. He involved with various civil engineering projects such as proposed road alignment to Pergau Dam Project, Jeli, Kelantan, and Petronas gas pipeline installation from Plentong, Johor to Senoko Power Station, Singapore. He then served as a freelance hydrographic surveyor from 1992 to 1993. He involved in offshore construction projects, and offshore surveying (oil and gas exploration) in Southeast Asian region with Stolt Comex Seaway S.A. based in Jurong, Singapore and PT Komaritim based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Then from 1993 to 1994, he served at Stolt Comex Seaway S.A. Survey Division based in Loyang Offshore, Singapore as a Hydrographic Surveyor. Involved in offshore surveying such as Rig positioning (Rig Move), seismic survey for oil and gas exploration, pipeline & platform structure inspection using ROV, gas pipeline installation survey, VSP survey, hookup job, pre and post dredging survey, etc. Which cover offshore: Malaysia (Petronas Carigali & Shell), Indonesia (Pertamina), Philippine (Conoco), Thailand (Unocal) and Vietnam (Petro Vietnam).

I had involved in more than 42 research projects amounting to approximately RM 2.6 million, as a project member and one as project leader. Throughout the period involved in research activities I had played my role as a researcher with full commitment. The research areas I was working in were engineering surveying, hydrography surveying and photogrammetry which is my field of study and applications of surveying techniques in civil engineering. Whilst most of the fund were obtained through UTM’s GUP and MOSTI’s FRGS, I also managed to involve as a project member in four contract research grants, two overseas grants and two local grants. This is, in my opinion, an indicator of the acknowledgement of my expertise in solving problems in the industry.

I had published 87 articles (25 Index Publications (Scopus and ISI), 58 technical papers (conferences, proceedings & technical reports) and 4 book chapters. I also had been appointed as referee for several conferences and journals such as International Conference Water Research (ICWR 2015 & 2018), GEOTROPIKA 2019, International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (ICSIE 2018) (UTHM), 4th International Conference on Civil and Environmental Engineering for Sustainability (IConCEES 2017) UTHM and Journal of Sustainability Science and Management (UMT).

I also was invited as one of the speakers for SKA Future Ready Engineering Education (FREE) Sharing Session: From Teaching to Research: “Implementation of Project Based Learning in Survey Camp Course”, Implementation of Collaborative Learning in Survey Camp. Seminar of  Forensic Civil Engineering Seminar (ForCES’19) – “Surveying Technique In Structure Monitoring”; “Measurement of Structure Damage using Terrestrial Laser Scanner: Case Study & Application’s”; “Structure Damage Detection System using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) @ Drones”, Adjunct Lecturer for The Module of Construction Site Surveying, University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM). I am also an inventor and co-inventor of several Copyright (IPs) and Licensing for 22 copyrights and 4 licensing respectively.

My employment in School of Civil Engineering is on the premise that I have to oversee the engineering surveying needs for Civil Engineer. As such, I teach Engineering Surveying, Engineering Surveying Practical, Research Methodology and Integrated Design Project 1  (IDP1) at the undergraduate level. Recently as Coordinator for Survey Camps course. Survey Camps are just an extension of Engineering Surveying Practical work that the students do during the semester in campus. The work that is given is basic engineering surveying work. I feel that the students needed a challenge and an avenue where they could apply what they had learned. As such, my team and I design a civil engineering project via Project Based Learning (PBL) and Collaborative Learning approach that would need input from various aspects. This means, no group would duplicate one another. Sites are chosen which allow different groups to work on different aspects.

“Problem Solving” in “Project Based Learning” approach plays an important role in the implementation of Survey Camps course based on concept from field to finish. In order for students to know what the other groups are doing, each group has to present their results and findings. My survey camp team and me also able to transform survey camp Teaching & Learning activities to research related to Engineering Education. We managed to publish few articles in engineering education conferences. We also won few awards related in Teaching & Learning exhibitions such as Gold Medal award in I-PHEX 2017, Silver Medal in NALI 2018 and Gold Medal in Teaching and Learning Innovation Festival (TLIF) 2019.

As a supervisor for undergraduate Final Year Project (FYP), I had supervised 20 topics that apply engineering surveying in civil engineering. As for research supervision, at Master and PhD level, I am supervising seven PhD student as the co-supervisor. I have also successfully co-supervised three PhD students who had graduated in 2018 , 2019 and 2021. Two PhD students were Chancellor Awards recipients. While, for master level, six students managed to complete their studies with me as their co-supervisor. I also appointed as panel for the first stage proposal evaluation for Master and PhD levels by School of Civil Engineering. I also was appointed as external examiner for Master level by the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental, Universiti Tun Hussain Onn (UTHM).

I am actively involved in consultancy projects as member and project leader in the areas of engineering surveying, hydrographic surveying and photogrammetry. The projects that I have been involved in encompass the many aspects of civil engineering with various clients such as Malakoff Energy Sdn. Bhd., Badan Kawal Selia Air Johor (BAKAJ), Syarikat Air Johor (SAJ), CREAT JKR, MMHE, Ramunia Fabricators, NAHRIM, PLUS, Gemencheh Granite Sdn Bhd and Southern Premix Sdn Bhd. Among the big projects, I was a part of consultancy member such as the second Penang Bridge, National Coastal Vulnerability Index (NCVI) Study and Tsunami Modelling and Impact Studies for the North-Western Coast of Peninsular Malaysia and Environment Impact Assessment Study for Tin Mining, Kuala Sungai Baru, Melaka. This is also, in my opinion, an indicator of the acknowledgement of my expertise in solving problems in the industry.

It is a very great honour for me to be appointed as the Head of Survey Unit (2011-2014), Coordinator of Survey Unit (2016-present) respectively. I also was appointed as a course coordinator for Engineering Surveying and Survey Camp courses (2011-present). I was appointed as a Committee Member of Academic (Undergraduate Curriculum & Syllabus), OSHE, Assets & Facilities, Technical Specifications & Purchasing and MS ISO Quality. During my appointment as the Head of Survey Unit and Coordinator of Survey Unit, SKA, I managed to secure budget for RMP (RMK) 10 and RMP (RMK) 11 with total amount of RM2.6 million approximately.

I am proud of the fact that I had equipped the Survey Unit laboratory with state-of-the-art surveying equipment for research and Teaching & Learning activities that allow School of Civil Engineering to boast that it has one of the best survey laboratory in public universities. In addition, My Team and I had taken innovation initiatives to launch research activities and PnP to improve Survey Unit, SKA services such as the development of Laboratory Equipment Loan Systems, Engineering Surveying Fieldwork Data Verification Systems and Generic Skills Peer Assessment (GESPA) system where the system has been used by other universities (USM, UTHM, UMP, UMS, UNIMAS) in assessing generic skills through the Survey Camp course.

On the other hand, I involved in several community services in which my expertise is needed. Among others, technology transfer knowledge project for Orang Asli, Kg. Simpang Arang in Gelang Patah, construction of Vortex Hydro power supply and technology transfer knowledge in Kg Orang Asli Lemoi in Ringlet, Cameron Highland under National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) program. Furthermore, carry out topography survey to provide survey plan for planning and design stage for M50 SKA, site survey for UTM Solar House and topography survey for Sekolah Agama UTM. Setting out surveying for Sekolah Hidayah new building and proposed Surau Sekolah Menengah Taman Universiti. I also served as a committee member of Persatuan Penduduk Perdana Terraces as a secretary, member of Badan Kebajikan Penduduk Perdana Terraces (BAKES), Committee member of Kelab Keluarga SKA,  and technical committee member of a new Sekolah Agama in UTM. In sports activities, I also represented SKA in football and volleyball during my early days in SKA UTM.

In terms of awards, I have been the recipient of several awards. In 2019, I was the recipient of the Vice Chancellor Awards 2019 (as a team member for Hydro Vortex CSR Project in Kg Orang Asli Lemoi, Ringlet, Cameron Highland). I received faculty’s Excellence Service award in 2018 and the university’s Excellence Service award in 2012 and 2019. In the future, as an academic staff, I will continue to contribute in 7Ps which is in line with the mission and vision of School of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and UTM towards becoming one of the leading universities in the world.

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