Survey Camp

After successfully completing Engineering Surveying course, students are well exposed to the theory and practice of surveying.  Nevertheless, surveying projects that were undertaken so far are ‘stand alone’ projects with emphasis on the understanding of the concepts involved.  Therefore, this subject provides training of the surveying work involved in a typical civil engineering project.  In other words, this subject gives a holistic view of the surveying activities needed prior to and during the construction stage of a civil engineering project.  The course will furthermore, train students in planning and executing survey works on a larger scale.  The surveying works involved depend on the type of project undertaken, but normally include establishing horizontal and vertical controls, detailing, earthwork calculations and setting out.  Students are assessed based on their oral presentation and written reports submitted at the end of the course.  This subject introduces the basics and concepts of surveying in general with emphasis towards engineering surveying.  Basic surveying needs commonly required in civil engineering are explained.  Methods of establishing horizontal & vertical controls, detailing for producing site plans, area and volume estimations, road curves geometric design and setting out are discussed.  Students are introduced to the typical field tasks as required in civil engineering.  Common methods of field procedures, bookings and reduction of observations are adopted.  Students are expected to be able to establish horizontal and vertical controls, setting out and detailing.  The importance of surveying field activities prior to the design and during the construction stages in civil engineering work is highlighted.  Since accuracy of survey work is vital in ensuring designs are exactly positioned, students must be able to conduct survey works that meet standard accuracies.


  • Day 1: Mobilization From UTM Skudai to Survey Camp Site
  • Day 2: Project 1 – Traverse Survey to Establish Horizontal Control
  • Day 3: Project 2 – Levelling Survey from BM to TBM, to Establish Vertical Control
  • Day 4:  Project 3 – Details Survey
  • Day 5 : Project 3 – Details Survey
  • Day 6: Project 4 – Setting-Out & As-Built Survey
  • Day 7: Project 5 – Treasures Hunt
  • Day 8: Project 6 – Earthwork
  • Day 9: Equipment Setup Test
  • Day 10: Demobilization From Survey Camp Site to UTM Skudai


  • Project 1 – Project 6
  • Teamworking
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Equipment Setup Test