Active learning (Jigsaw)

Yesterday was a hectic day. As usual per every Wednesday, I would have 4 hours straight lectures. I survived last week and this week but by week 6 when I’d hand over the MMBT class to PM DR Saleh; I just have to put with sore throat (had that last week after the 4h class and this week too). Coming back to the topic at hand; active learning was applied to both classes. I applied Think-Pair-Share for MMBT students and Jigsaw. Forgot to take photos/video of MMBT activity but either it was early morning or they’ve apparently had the same active learning with PM Dr Goh before, half of the international MMBT students were not too keen on the activity.

However, it was the other way around for SMBB class. I could see and I hope so that they enjoyed the activity. These was when they had to discuss on the best approach to deliver their expert topic to their peers in the expert group;


And, these was later, when they’ve got back to their home team and try to educate their peers on each expert’s topic.


In the end, the consensus that we get from the feedback was as follows;

1.  It’s not easy to make other people understand what you’re trying to teach them

2. Each person understand the same topic in their own way (differently)

3. The activity is a faster way for them to get info on other topic rather than reading it

4. It was not easy to be an expert