PhD Students

1. DR. SHAHKILA BINTI MOHD ARIF (PQB) (2013-2017) [Zamalah Scholar]

Project title: Proteome Profiling and Molecular Dynamics of Malaysian Upland Rice

2. DR. LING HOW LIE (PKB) [co-student] (2012-2018) [MyPhD scholar]

Project title: Exoproteome Analysis of Baciluus lehensis G1 in pH Regulation and Starch Ulitization for Screening of Signal Peptides for Cyclodextrin Glucanotransferase Secretion in Escherichia coli

3. DR. FARAH IZANA ABDULLAH (PKB) [co-student] (2014-2018)

[MyPhD scholar]


Project title: Characterizationa nd Profiling of Plant protein Extract from Ficus deltoidea for Vitexin Biosynthesis


4. SULAIMAN MOHAMED (PQB) (2014-present) 

Project title: Construction of RFT1 Gene to Induce Early Flowering in Malaysia Upland Rice                                                               Isolation, characterization and construct of RFT1 gene from Malaysia upland rice cultivar Wai. Enhancement of embryogenic callus induction and in vitro regeneration from mature seeds of Wai and MR219 cultivars of Malaysia rice. Transformation and regeneration of transgenic plants from MR219 cultivar using shoot apex as explant

5. NG MEI LING (PMBB) (2016-PRESENT) [Zamalah Scholar]                      

Project title: Protein expression profiling of O. stamineus and molecular dynamics of Transketolase with antidiabetic potential   

Total protein of Orthosiphon stamineus fresh leaf was extracted and further used for two dimensional gel electrophoresis to provide its leaf proteome reference map and discover protein marker for the plant which can exploit as a tool for quality control of herbal products; the potential antioxidant and antidiabetic activities of the extracted protein was also determined. Then, the extracted protein was identified through liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) and certain identified proteins with medicinal value were further analyzed through molecular dynamic simulation to predict its behavior such as thermostability. Furthermore, the total protein from tea product of O. stamineus was extracted to determine the effect of drying method on leaf protein content and suggest a more suitable drying method that can maintain value of the product.

6. ZETTY AMIRAH ZULKIFLI (PMBB) (2017-PRESENT) [Zamalah Scholar]    

Project title: The Effect of Drying Process on Bioactive Peptides with Antidiabetic and Anticancer Potential from Moringa oleifera                            

This study is all about exploring the potential application of protein and peptides from leaf and seed of Moringa oleifera to treat cancer and diabetes. Even though proteomic approach utilizing peptides is considered new to the drug world, it possess promising potential along with the proven anticancer and antidiabetes traits of Moringa extract. Hence, this particular study will definitely provide new insight of the drug discovery to serve pharmaceutical industry in the future.



Project Title: Bioactivities of TRANSKETOLASE in Chronic Wound Healing