Industrial collaboration – CLM

Tough it was Saturday (July 06 2019), I went to KL with the Director of IBD to discuss on potential collaborative work with CLM. Maybe some knows this company, it’s Chris Leong Method (bone specialist) that utilizes Tit Tar method to treat bone/joints.

We went to the branch in Mid Valley via Malindo Air. I must say; this is the first time I used Malindo Air and fly with propeller type airplane 🙂

Anyway, the discussion went well. Beyond well actually as the owner, Dato’ Seri Dr. Chris Leong agreed to collaborate with us via IBD, UTM for a 12 months project. A 50% check for the total amount of the work was also presented to us on the same day before we head back to JB. It was well worth spending half a day discussing and finding an agreement that satisfy both parties.