SMBT 3213 201920202 Group Activity 1

This activity has been incorporated for 4 years now where students are asked to identify or determine on products on display for the topic; Products from Biotechnology. Plastics and honey are among the 2 on display since the start of this activity, tea for the second year now but milk and leather are new this time around. The questions are shaken up each year even for the same products used before. Here are some pictures from the activity;



PPMU Open Day February 20th 2020

PPMU open day finally comes last Thursday. Students & staff from various PTJ came to ask around on lab equipment, PPE, chemical handling + disposal, lab services, short lectures on certain topics and visiting booths from all units from UIRL + CMU … [Continue reading]

PPMU Open Day 2020

PPMU Open Day will be held on February 20th 2020 (Thursday). This is a yearly event where everyone (& not limited to only UTM students & staff) could visit the labs and have a tour at PPMU. As a bonus, there will be a logcard promotion-handy … [Continue reading]

SMBB 4713 201920201 Chromatography Contest

It was actually a group quiz but I prefer to call it a contest because the prize I offered to the winners is definitely very attractive :) & since there are 67 students (though 1 was absent), I had to have help from 2 PG students to conduct this … [Continue reading]

PG Best Student Award and 63rd Convocation

A very good year 2019 turned out to be. Mei Ling was awarded the Best Postgrad Student Award by SPS on November 1st 2019 at a ceremony in Pulai Spring Resort. This time around, the supervisor was given the honor to put on the bonnet on his/her … [Continue reading]

UIRL Visit to Pyrometric (Trescal) and Sirim

On October 2nd, most staff from UIRL along with me (as Quality Manager) went for a visit to 2 industrial lab who have obtained ISO certification for their services. Our first visit was to Pyrometric (now under Trescal) in Kempas and the secondth was … [Continue reading]

CMC Roadshow 2019

It's been some time since my last post. Throughout the month of August & early September, CMC (Chemical Management Centre) conducted 9 roadshow for the Schools, Faculties and COE in UTM. Starting from FSSH, we shared tips and information on … [Continue reading]

Industrial collaboration – CLM

Tough it was Saturday (July 06 2019), I went to KL with the Director of IBD to discuss on potential collaborative work with CLM. Maybe some knows this company, it's Chris Leong Method (bone specialist) that utilizes Tit Tar method to treat … [Continue reading]

Viva voce-Mei Ling’s

Yesterday (May 28th 2019), my 3rd phD student Mei Ling had her viva. It was rather challenging to have a viva during fasting month. The external arrived late the night before and had a problem with Scholars Inn not providing sahur. Luckily everything … [Continue reading]

PG Student Award & 62nd Convo 2019

There's always a first time to everything & mixed mode students were celebrated for the 1st time at the Postgraduate Student Award hosted by SPS at Pulai Spring Resort on April 28th 2019. Though this is the 4th time my mixed mode student got an … [Continue reading]