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Dedicated to the cakes I have ordered to celebrate my students for their achievements (though not all pics are here; couldn’t find the pic from Vic’s viva celebration back in 2016)

Let’s start off with Syakila’s cake after her viva (all of these were from 2017)

Next, we have the celebration on Fifi getting best presentation at UMTAS & the end of internship for students from UMT and UIA

This one is from How Lie’s after-viva celebration; the shortest phD viva I’ve ever been in (we finish in <1.5 hr!)

And, the end of 2017 cake was the after-viva celebration for Farah

Fifi’s cake for her viva celebration marks the 1st entry for 2018 (though it is July 🙂 )

The second last entry for 2018 is a cake for Sulaiman to celebrate his viva (Dec 9th 2018)

Our final entry for 2018 is a cake to celebrate all the achievements in 2018 and also to celebrate everyone’s birthdays