Master students by mixed mode

1. Kamal Usman (2014). Proteomic profiling of Orthosiphon stamineus

2. Abdulrahman Mahmoud Dogara (2015). Amplification of partial rice florigen from Malaysian upland Rice Cultivar Hitam and Wai

3. Nur Atiqah Ramly (2016). Evaluation of 1D and 2D Gel-based proteome from fresh leaf of Moringa oleifera

4. Siti Nur’Ain Zainudin (2016). 1D and 2D Gel-based proteome study of commercialized dried leaf powder of Moringa oleifera

5. Richard Isa Terkuma (2016). Construction of Tocopherol Cyclase (VTE1) gene from Malaysian Upland Rice

6. Zetty Amirah Zulkifli (2017). Proteomic Analysis of Purple Variety of Ortosiphon  stamineus

7. Lee Ke Vin (2018). Molecular Docking of HSPs (HEAT SHOCK PROTEIN) from rice seed

8. Heeravathy Ramachandran (2019). Protein and Crude Extract Properties of Moringa oleifera Seed

9. Punitawathy A/P Palanisamy (ongoing). Heavy metal accumulation of Alternanthera sessilis

10. Farid Ahmad Danishfar (Feb 2020). The Effect of Proteases on Protein from The Seed of Moringa oleifera

11. Nur Aiman Amini Shukri (Sept 2020). Morphological and Trace Element Analysis of Papaya’s Petiole

12. Nurfatihah Mohd Shariff (Sept 2020). Compostability Ability of Papaya’s Petiole