ISHU 2018

This entry may have been a bit late but an update nonetheless on ISHU (International Seminar between Huizhou University [HZU] and UTM) 2018. This is the 3rd ISHU, held back again in China. I didn’t go for the 1st ISHU due to teaching responsibilities in 2016 but this time around did make some time for it. It was also my first time in China! Great conference between the 2 universities; we have 4 different sessions running in parallel (Mathematics, Biology/Biotechnology, Social Science and Information&Computer Technology). 13 of us represented UTM in those 4 fields (as invited speakers), with AP Dr Norma Alias as the leader from UTM. Enjoy some of the official pictures during the seminar and also unofficial pictures of us sight-seeing in Guangzhou and Huizhou