CMC Roadshow 2019

It’s been some time since my last post.

Throughout the month of August & early September, CMC (Chemical Management Centre) conducted 9 roadshow for the Schools, Faculties and COE in UTM. Starting from FSSH, we shared tips and information on chemical handling, PPE, Spill Management & Demo, Procurement and Scheduled Waste Management and ended the roadshow at ICA in Pagoh.


Here are some of the pictures form the roadshow, starting from FSSH, SKE, SKA, SKBSK, SKT, FS, SKM, UTMKL+MJIIT and ICA Pagoh.


FS Science Week-January 22nd 2019

FS Science week kicked off last Thursday (Jan 17th) with talks on international grants. This week, it starts off with interesting talks yesterday on research conduct, IP protection, IR 4.0 followed by afternoon talks on UTM Publication and Impactful Article Writing.

VC New Year Engagement

It was a crowd pulling event yesterday morning for VC’s new year engagement.

DSI was packed

Viva voce-Heera

The first viva in the new year starts off with Heera’s (Wednesday, January 16th 2019). As per requirement by FS, the supervisor’s attendance in the viva is compulsory even for a master by mixed mode. This is new for us from Bioscience as it wasn’t compulsory previously & the supervisor usually opted to not attending a student’s viva. The conduct was also similar to master by research; no time limit for defense. What an experience as I’ve also never been to my own students (master by mixed mode) viva before and Heera is my 8th student from the programme. Congrats Heera on your viva!

And, as per usual with ZR lab’s tradition, we had a little celebratory lunch later on (little as in some other students are not there since this is still sem break)

Viva voce-Sulaiman’s

Last Sunday, Dec 9th 2018; Sulaiman had his viva-voce. Wasn’t all that bad and did not take too long as well. Though he has a lot of corrections to do; both examiners were kind enough to help him out. Or else he may have to go back to the lab for more work. Thank you to Prof Mohd Rafii from UPM (external), AP Dr Salehhuddin Hamdan (internal), Prof Wan Aini Wan Ibrahim (chairman) and Dr Farizal (asst chair) for the viva. I believe it is a valuable life experience to my student as well as me as the supervisor and Dr Azman as co-supervisor. Next step is the correction phase and hopefully everything will be well.

UTM Thesis Guideline

There’s a new guideline on how to write UTM thesis plus its format. Would be beneficial for all students and supervisors alike. Follow the link given to download

or click on the top on my blog under UTM thesis guideline 2018 & you can get the file straightaway.

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