Roles & Responsibilities of Assistant Chair in Viva Voce Examination


Rujukan: Kod Amalan Penyelidikan Pasca Siswazah 10

Roles & Responsibilities of Assistant Chair

  • Records about the detail and consensus of the panel during discussion
  • Write professionally in natural manner
  • Write in a simple, clear and understandable to the candidate
  • Bring laptop
  • Ensure the completion  set of Chairman report and evaluation report. It must be  signed  by panel of viva voce+ date. Be careful and check for any error that might happen.

Major Roles :

  • to record what need to be CORRECTED
  • to record the CONSENSUS of the discussion in the Viva

What to Avoid:

Never record general statement eg. rujuk perkara yang ditanda oleh pemeriksa dalam tesis. Your task is to record the correction mentioned during viva voce.