Cooperative Learning: Student Teams-Achievement Division (STAD)

There are various activities that can be conducted to engage students’ team work and motivation.  In cooperative learning, we can use Student Teams-Achievement Division (STAD) where a small groups of students with different levels of ability work together to accomplish a shared learning goal.  In my case, I combine jigsaw activity with STAD.  So, the instruction that I give for jigsaw activity would also include instruction for STAD.

Cooperative learning: Jigsaw activity

I have done jigsaw activity for my class for several semesters.  At first, I just gave verbal instruction to the students on how to do the jigsaw activity.  But later on, I realise that it is better for me to give the students written instruction that they can refer to.  In this case, they can have a copy of the written instruction so that they refer to it when they want to conduct jigsaw activity in their class when they undergo Teaching Practicum (or after they graduate) for the undergraduate and for PG students who are teachers, they can use this activity in their class as well and they can share it with their colleagues at school through Latihan Dalam Perkhidmatan (LDP).  

So, HERE is the written instruction that I give to students when I do Jigsaw activity in my class.